As the Supreme Court prepares to rule, an anti-abortion congressman tells the rally that he has 'fresh hope.'

As the Supreme Court prepares to rule, an anti-abortion congressman tells the rally that he has 'fre ...

Rep. Chris Smith, a keynote speaker in Washington, New Jersey, has expressed "fresh optimism and heightened anticipation" that the Supreme Court will overturn the Roe v. Wade decision.

Anti-abortion activists who gathered in Washington for the 49th annual March for Life were looking for Republican nominees to reverse the landmark 1973 ruling or to maintain new abortion restrictions.

After six weeks, the court is considering the legality of a Mississippi law that prohibits abortion at 15 weeks, and has already refused to overturn a Texas law that prohibits most abortions.

We meet this year with renewed hope and renewed anticipation that by at least affirming the Mississippi pro-life law and perhaps going even further with Texas the Supreme Court may soon take a powerful step toward inclusion, justice, and respect for the weakest and most vulnerable," Smith, R-4th Dist., told the marchers on a chilly day, their numbers were reduced due to the.

After decades of perseverance and sacrifice, we are hopeful that government-sanctioned violence against children and the exploitation of women by abortion will reach an end, he said.

80% of Americans say abortion should be legal in all or some situations, with 32% saying it should be legal under any circumstances. Only 19% of Americans support a complete abortion restriction.

Senate Republicans maintained a 6-3 anti-abortion majority on the Supreme Court, refusing to let President Barack Obama fill a 10-month pre-Electoral term, then confirming President Donald Trump's choice just one week before the next election.

We are cautiously optimistic, said Marie Tasy, executive director of New Jersey Right to Life. It's a very encouraging time for us. If they follow science, they will overturn Roe v. Wade.

Tasy said the ultrasound has shifted the debate, calling it a window into the womb.

Were able to see the baby moving around, she said. It has changed doctors opinions on who perform abortions. Doctors can now perform life saving surgeries on babies in the womb.

A court decision overturning Roe v. Wade has returned to the states the power to legalize or outlaw abortion. In New Jersey, the Governor protected abortion rights earlier this month.

It is going back to the states, said Dominick Cuozzo, pastor of the Bible Baptist Church in New Egypt. The fight is not over, but fighting for what is right and for the most vulnerable is never going to be over.

Smith gave a briefing before his speech. Despite the changes made by the Supreme Court, he said the march will never happen.

In a way the struggle for human rights for the unborn child begins now," Smith said. The march for life will go on. No one is talking at all that this is the end. Its the beginning of a new struggle to protect children and their mothers.

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