Commissioners of Hunterdon have given the American Rescue Grant funding to help the county obtain food assistance

Commissioners of Hunterdon have given the American Rescue Grant funding to help the county obtain fo ...

At the January 18 meeting of the Commissioners of Hunterdon County, the American Rescue Fund approved grants for food assistance to Grow A Row for $144,000 and the Flemington Area Food Pantry for $77,851, for infrastructure improvements that will aid in making more fresh foods available to those in need in the county.

The director of the Board of Commissioners said the objective of the federal American Rescue Fund grant is to provide basic assistance to vulnerable and underserved people. These grants will do the most good, especially in the midst of the epidemic.

Grow A Row of America proposes to improve farm infrastructure, including an irrigation system and a parking lot, and the Flemington Area Food Pantry proposes establishing a storage and distribution annex to expand the pop-up pantry.

The Department of Human Services of Hunterdon County, headed by Director Meagan O'Reilly, and the Boards American Rescue Fund (ARF) Committee, including Commissioners Shaun C. Van Doren and Matt Holt, have also reviewed and approved the grants.

"The ARF Committee, in partnership with the accounting company the county has contracted to serve as advisors, has determined that these programs are fully qualified to be supported with a direct American Rescue grant. "It is important to note that neither the Flemington Food Pantry nor America's Grow A Row are genuinely non-profits. Both programs, backed by hundreds of volunteers, truly represent the spirit of charitable support for people and the best of Hunterdon County."

Through the grant assistance, America's Grow a Row will increase the amount of fresh food available to hunger relief agencies across Hunterdon County.

"The Board of Directors grants our appreciation to Grow A Row and Flemington Food Pantry for the work they do for those in need in our county."

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