Where to Go for Your N95 Covid Masks

Where to Go for Your N95 Covid Masks ...

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that N95 respirator masks provide the best protection against Covid, so the next question is where to get them.

Over the next several weeks, CNBC will provide 400 million N95 masks to pharmacies and community health centers, which will be available for free, up to three times per person.

There is a list of pharmacies available.

You can find out which health centers are near you. Walgreens () -, CVS Pharmacy () -, Kroger () -, Albertsons () -, Walmart () - and Costco () -.

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Before you head to the pharmacy or health center, you need to make sure the masks are available. The Biden administration said the program will be complete up and running by early next month.

N95 masks are the most effective protection against Covid, followed by KN95s, which are the Chinese version of the N95; disposable surgical masks; cloth masks.

KN95s should be cautious, given that 60% of them failed to meet the national Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

CNBC recommends purchasing from reliable retailers that deal directly with mask manufacturers, such as CVS or Home Depot () -, or directly from 3M () - or Honeywell () -, on each company official website.

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