Macron's vaccination adoptation has been approved by the Consitutional Council of France

Macron's vaccination adoptation has been approved by the Consitutional Council of France ...

PARIS, January 21 - The country's new COVID-19 vaccination pass has been approved by the French Constitution on Friday, with conditions. People aged 16 and above will be required to demonstrate proof of vaccination to enter public places such as bars, restaurants, and cinemas.

The new act is part of President Emmanuel Macron's desire to make life so difficult that the majority of unvaccinated people are compelled to get COVID injections.

The Council's decision paves the way for the vaccination pass to begin on January 24. It replaces a health pass that showed proof of immunization, a recent negative test or a previous infection.

The Council upheld the government's request that anyone over 16 years of age to show a vaccination pass, as well as a provision in the legislation allowing for bar and restaurant managers to verify a person's identification alongside the pass to combat the use of fakes or certificates belonging to a third party.

The Council has claimed that a new health permit be required to participate in political events less than three months before an election would harm people's freedom of sharing opinions.

Daily street protests against COVID-related restrictions on public life have prompted the vaccination pass to bring new momentum.

Several people who resist the vaccination say they have been made to feel like Macron.

On Thursday, France reported more than 425,000 coronavirus infections, and hospitals claim that the majority of COVID patients in intensive care are unvaccinated.

(This story corrects to show that any political convention or a 'health pass' would be required for the Council's upcoming meetings.)

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