The Most Intense Game Of Air Hockey Ever Is Windjammers 2

The Most Intense Game Of Air Hockey Ever Is Windjammers 2 ...

The original Windjammers 2 arcade game had a great start on Thursday, with many people enjoying the intense air hockey-like play style.

Before even diving into whether the game is up to the standard set by the original, we first need to figure out if this is a game that is worth playing.

With a classic style, Windjammers 2 is the most intense game of air hockey ever. With particular moves, character stats, and level variety, this concept is maxed out to an extreme. Every shot, reaction, and super move feels important, and even the slightest mistake can lead to non-volley, but an entire set.

The variety of maps makes Windjammers 2 different from a round of air hockey. Points are scored on the top of each set, although the level of difficulty is varying from map to map. Depending on the type of disc in play, some maps may reward the player with five points for hitting the corners and two for successfully hitting the drop shots.

  • Intense multiplayer action
  • Unique characters
  • Fun gameplay

The arcade mode is going to provide no distractions. We recommend that you start with new players but if you lose the opportunity, youll be able to try out the multiplayer mode.

  • Not very deep
  • Multiplayer dependent
  • Skill gap

With only an arcade mode to tackle, a game like Windjammers 2 can't be achieved. Unfortunately, the problem with this game is that it has the possibility of pulling away more casual players.

Windjammers 2 is a great game for parties and small tournaments. We tried it on the Switch and found it worth it at its $20 price tag, but if you pat for Game Pass, you and your friends can download it from there.

For reference purposes, a code for the Nintendo Switch version of Windjammers 2 was provided.

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