Auburn inundated with fury burns Georgia with Kentucky in the coming weeks

Auburn inundated with fury burns Georgia with Kentucky in the coming weeks ...

Auburn basketball has reached a tumultuous level of furious fun.

And it's just January.

On Saturday, No.12 Kentucky returns to town.

If the kids are planning a tent city in the middle of campus for Friday night (or Thursday and Friday nights because Im not going to be the one to underestimate The Jungle), then Auburn coach Bruce Pearl might be interested in chipping in for some portable heaters. We only want to see Auburn Arena on fire figuratively when Kentucky comes to town, and yall know theres a precedent for that statement.

Weve got to step up in a huge way for Kentucky, Pearl said on Wednesday. I think its one of the best teams John's (Calipari) had in years. Theyve got size at the rim. Theyre tremendous in transition...Itll be a clash of the titans, thats for sure. A lot of great players on the court on Saturday and CBS will be in the house

The NBA playoffs were a big day, with the tournament at noon, and the attendance of a game at Auburn Arena is worth every penny. What is happening in Auburn with this basketball team is a modern-day, American sport phenomenon.




Auburn Arena is free and young, self-aware and selling collegiate gold, cramped and cracked out. When Walker Kessler is a 7-1 center, he was thrown out of the door. He lobbed an alley-oop, but Green, off the bench, had 12 points, 11 assists, four steals, and three assists in 26 minutes.

Auburn is a complete team, deep, and the pieces all fit like a first-chair lunatics, according to Pearl.



Light the match and walk away.

Georgia and Auburn were able to use arson (and the meme machine) when it came early. K.D. Johnson, who might be the only Auburn thing with more swagger than Aubie, was deep fried from the beginning and all ghost-pepper grin.

Johnson put sauce on the ball like the Teen Wolf-dripped sauce, and from the fangs to the full moon. There is no doubt Johnson is a coach's dream and everything he wants to do with the Tigers this season.

How does Johnson describe his game? Think Pat Beverley on bath salts.

Poor Georgia. Poor Tom Crean, but his team (5-13, 0-5 in the SEC) is so bad, bless his big-ole heart. Crean was supposed to come down South and put on a basketball clinic. Hasnt happened, and now it looks like he might be cooked.

Bruce Pearl, Is That Meanty?

The fire of Auburn hoops is consuming all the oxygen from Athens to Atlanta, and devoured Crean's big dreams in the conflagration. The Bulldogs' halftime deficit of 25 points was inevitable from the start, but the Jungle, Auburn's beautiful student section, never sat down.

Auburn is great because of the student market. That includes the Big Blue, and every single blue-chip basketball prospect in the country will be watching the game.

Basketball sells football in Auburn now, but this writer doesn't think of a better way to understand the Tigers' unprecedented, deep-fried hoops revolution any better than that.

Joseph Goodman is a columnist for the Alabama Media Group and a writer for the book. You can follow him on Twitter.

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