Washtenaw, a resilient town, is launching a large climate planning initiative

Washtenaw, a resilient town, is launching a large climate planning initiative ...

WASHTENAW COUNTY, MI - Washtenaw County is planning a year-long climate program aimed at establishing a roadmap for meeting rapidly-approaching carbon neutrality targets.

Residents from every corner of Washtenaw County have access to a one-stop shop for information and community events throughout the year.

The launch is a response to the rubbers start for a $200,000 climate action plan approved by the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners in September.

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According to the planning OK'd last year, an environmental consulting company in Ann Arbor,, and its partners are tasked with coordinating 55 community meetings across the county.

District 1 of the County Board of Commissioners, now represented by Commissioner Jason Maciejewski, will begin with a new season at the United States Board of Commissioners on January 31.

According to the board of directors, first listening sessions for the rest of the districts are scheduled in February, and planners are also holding meetings in collaboration with community associations and local government bodies, as well as more public listening sessions throughout the year.

Residents can submit written feedback on future sustainability initiatives on the new website. Residents may leave comments on a particular geographic location.

Local officials have modeled what they hope to see from the tool, with Andrew DeLeeuw, the county director of strategic planning, commenting in support of a solar farm in Pittsfield Township on the site of an old landfill, that promises to help Pittsfield and Ann Arbor achieve renewable energy goals.

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Climate actions in Washtenaw County have been intense and future intentions, and county officials have declared that in the fall the planning initiative would provide steps to meet these requirements.

The county is attempting to reduce energy usage in its own buildings, replacing all fixtures with LED lights over the last year, but admits that it has taken a 'largely incremental approach' on the new climate planning website.

According to a 2019 survey, County leaders will also need to focus on business and residents themselves.

South Michigan's climate change will not be forgotten by the country's leaders last year, pointing to the flooding over the summer.

Officials in the county said last year that part of the planning will involve identifying how to adapt to that reality.

To browse Washtenaw County's climate action planning website, click here.

More information is available in The Ann Arbor News.

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