Jason Isaacs On The Role That Shocked Him In 'Scars,'His Lack Of Karaoke Skills, And Stilling "Childlike'quot; On The Set Of 'Mass

Jason Isaacs On The Role That Shocked Him In 'Scars,'His Lack Of Karaoke Skills, And Stilling "Child ...

Fran Krantz's film may be his most crucial play to date, as he expertly writes a father's grief alongside Ann Dowd, Martha Plimpton, and Reed Birney. But it is just the latest in perhaps one of the world's most varied acting careers, that has covered the gamut of humanand otherworldlyexperience.

My First Film Leson

My first day on a film set was on Dangerous Love, and no, I cant tell you that. Its too rude. My second day on a film set was on The Tall Guy, with Jeff Goldblum. He wasnt in the shotwasnt even in the framebut yet he recited love poetry to try to get himself into the mood for the shot that he wasnt in because it was my close-up.

The Best Advice I Ever Received

Because you want to work with animals when you are 14 years old, that will make you happy, whether you are wealthy or not, according to Daniel Kahneman. He says he believes that happiness is everything we know it is: its not extra money beyond subsistence, it's a sense of community and purpose in his work, but also of setting goals in his life that are achievedable.

You're not able to see if he's capable of doing things like things like that of another person. In Mass, everything that Jay wants to do is achieveable if only everyone else follows his intention. And that's where the drama comes.

The Part I Have Always Wanted

There never is one, but there are those things that I turned down that went on to be played magnificently by other people. But I never for a second think I would have done it as well as them, so I dont worry about those things. Its hard enough to feel grateful and satisfied in my life, which is the daily struggle, without adding into it the giant cauldron of bitterness about the things Im not doing. I just want the next part Im doing to do well enough to be able

My tangled role is my greatest.

It was more a result of a film about a man who spent his life subdued in violence, and it was based on many hours of dialogue that we brought to life. It wasn't so much that the acting was tough, but there were 10, 12, 15 pages of monologue a day.

The Most Fun I've Had on Set

We were crying all day and often on Mass. But we were also laughing, because laughter and tears are incredibly close together.

I always watch stupid music and dance and make ridiculous jokes - for anyone who comes to visit and believes that a man should know better at this age. This is actually the best I know. You behave, but you must keep yourself completely loose and such an empty conduit that anything might appear in the scene.

The Role Ill Be Bereaved For

The Trekkies are so fucking that every new generation has seen me cavorting around doing something or other. If I died tomorrow, I might be all devotees of The OA. I have no idea, but I wont give a monkey anyway, because Ill be fucking dead.

The Character That Is Most Like Me

It's hard to answer, because I'm not sure even I am like me. One of the reasons that I make a professional asset out of my weakness of character is that Ive always tried to fit into any group Im talking to. Not consciously, though I am more conscious of it since Ive had kids to bear witness. I do that terrible thing of code-switching, and changing my accent all the time, regardless whether it's degrees of poshness in England, or literally regional accent

I know I am for sure, but I can't tell you who I am, but it's also worth considering. I like to portray a warrior in an instant, especially if you don't have a character in it.

The Films That Make me Cry

Everything. I'm an easy litmus test for whether a film is successful emotionally manipulative. I remember sitting next to a soldier once on a plane who recognized me for one of those roles. He didn't quite process that I was an actor, but he didn't even process that I was an actor. And then Mr. Holland's Opus came on and I cried for about four hours solid. At first, I tried to pretend I had a cold, but eventually I couldn't hide it anymore.

My Karaoke Playlist

Fuck. I could open a room in a heartbeat. One of the great tragedies of my life is how much I love singing. In fact, I have a very musical ear... enough to know that I cannot sing for shit. Tragically, I can literally hear when I miss a note, which is often. So, my karaoke playlist is actually, Oh, it looks like they dont have my selection. Oh well, Ill give it to you next time.

I was offered a musical once, but they offered me Guys and Dolls in the West End. I said, Absolutely not, unless youre trying to lose money. I went to the show, and they thought I was still entertaining the notionwhich I wasnt, I just wanted free house seatsso they sent me a CD. I kept it in the car and sang it for weeks on end. My wife asked if she was serious considering the part.

My Guilty Pleasures

I'm a tennis addict, so I've watched it all day, every day, but I also watch all of the singing shows. I love the hard-luck stories on Britain's Got Talent. I know that they cast these people for the tragic backstories and that 99% of them will never have a chance of pursuing careers I could have.

Who'd Play Me In My Biopic

I wouldnt mind a young man from Belfast playing him in the third age, because he was rather talented. And then Ian McKellen could play me in the third age. Often people online say I look like certain actors. Theyll say, Fuck, what happened to him? If I can, the incremental degradation will not be too noticeable to anyone.

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