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Merkel Criticized Proposals To Ease Restrictions Imposed In Germany

Merkel Criticized Proposals To Ease Restrictions Imposed In Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized discussions about the need to weaken the measures imposed by the country's authorities in connection with the spread of the coronavirus. During a video conference with members of the Presidium of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, she made it clear on Monday that she was dissatisfied with the fact that real "discussion orgies" began in some regions of Germany, the DPA News Agency reported, referring to the participants in the negotiations.

Merkel expressed fears that the positive dynamics in the fight against the epidemic in Germany may result in an increase in the number of infections due to the fact that residents will incorrectly interpret the authorities' signal about a cautious easing of restrictions and stop adhering to the measures taken. In her opinion, "discussions about weakening do not help" the case. The Chancellor recalled that on April 30, she will again discuss the situation with the coronavirus and further actions with the Prime Ministers of the Federal States.

During the video conference, criticism was voiced, in particular, against the authorities of Rhineland-Palatinate, who decided to open shopping centers and zoos.

From April 20, retail outlets with an area of no more than 800 square meters, car dealerships, book and Bicycle stores, libraries and archives at universities can start working in Germany almost four weeks after the closure. Restrictions on social contacts will remain in effect until May 3, inclusive.

According to the estimates of the Berlin Institute of Virology named after Robert Koch (subordinated to the German Ministry of health), 141,672 people were infected in Germany (1,775 more than the day before), 4,404 died (110 more than the day before).

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