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For the first time since 2009, Michigan State has dropped to Northwestern at home

For the first time since 2009, Michigan State has dropped to Northwestern at home

EAST LANSING For the second time in four days, Michigan State did poorly enough to score a game-winning goal against a lower-tier Big Ten team.

And this time, the shot was missed.

The Spartans lost to Northwestern on Saturday afternoon on the Breslin Center to maintain a nine-game win streak.

Northwestern traveled while grabbing the rebound, giving Michigan State a chance to enter the ball with one second left.

When Marcus Bingham Jr. grabbed his inbound pass, he was fouled by Northwestern's Robbie Beran, sending him to the free throw line.

The Wildcats took on Northwestern's first win at the Breslin Center since 2009. Without veteran Alex Pete Nance, the Wildcats' top scorer and rebounder

The Wildcats (9-6, 2-5) outworked the Spartans for 17 offensive rebounds, the most a Michigan State team, and took advantage of 17 turnovers for Michigan State.

Hall led the Spartans to five points at the 4:47 mark before making a corner 3-pointer in front of the Spartans bench and completed the four-point play.

The Spartans have missed their next four shots, but Northwestern has been fouled twice on defense to save a five-point run.

Julius Marble added 1:37 left to secure his place in the league.

The two teams traded free throws and Michigan State got a defensive stop to get the ball, with three seconds left down. But Michigan State couldn't repeat the feat from four days ago.

Marble led Michigan State with a career-high 18 points on 7-for-7 shooting, with two points and three turnovers in just 12 minutes.

Gabe Brown and Malik Hall have hailed him for ten points.

After several close wins, Michigan State showed many of the same things. The Spartans needed a last-second basket to win over Minnesota and trail Northwestern on the road less than two weeks ago before a comeback victory.

The rebound has slipped, bringing them to the bottom of the table for the third time in the last four games. And the team continues to turn the ball over at the highest rate in the Big Ten.

As in most of the second half, Michigan State fell behind at halftime behind a sloppy first half.

Northwestern would earn seven first-half 3-pointers thanks to the Spartans' point guards.

The Spartans were down by just five points at the break when they shot 50 percent from the field. But the Spartans' shooting nailed them out in this game: they shot 37 percent from the field in the second half and 2-for-9 from the 3-point range.

Michigan State's road will now be significantly tougher after reaching 5-1 against teams in the bottom half of the Big Ten standings. The Spartans will play in Wisconsin and Illinois in a span of five days starting on Friday night in Madison.

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