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Preliminary figures show a high attendance in the Newberg School Board's recall

Preliminary figures show a high attendance in the Newberg School Board's recall

Thousands of Newberg School District voters have already cast their ballots in the Dave Brown and Brian Shannon, within four days of Election Day.

According to records obtained by The Oregonian/OregonLive, 9596 ballots (38% of eligible voters) have been accepted by election officials in Yamhill County.

That early turnout far exceeds the turnout figures for the board's embattled chairman and vice chairman, who were elected with just 24.15% turnout in 2019.

Brown and Shannon are the two leaders of a four-person conservative majority on the seven-person board that has made national headlines for its attempt to prohibit Black Lives Matter and Pride symbols, which later morphed into.

Shannon said the movement for increased parental rights in education will have a big victory to commemorate on Tuesday.

3,785 people are Republican, 3,190 are Democrats, 1,937 are nonaffiliated, and 684 are other among those who have had their ballots accepted in the recall election.

Brown did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Oregonian/OregonLive.

For both recall campaigns, Matt Moriarty, a resident in Dundee, and a senior strategist, urged voters to turn in their ballots. Ballots postmarked by January 18 will be counted under a new Oregon law, and final results arent expected until days later.

We had an enormous number of registered Republicans sign the petitions, Moriarty said. Despite the vile attacks were now getting from every outside political group Dave Brown and Brian Shannon could find to help them, voters understand that theyre being remembered for their lawlessness, for wasteing taxpayer dollars on a political crusade, and for firing the best superintendent we ever had for no reason in the middle of a pandemic.

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