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Jennifer Holland's Journey to Harcourt is the star of 'Peacemaker

Jennifer Holland's Journey to Harcourt is the star of 'Peacemaker

Emilia Harcourt, a black ops member, has been postponed after filming on the s in early 2020.

Holland tells The Hollywood Reporter that I didnt think Id be going to play that character again. I just thought I was going to do this cool role in his huge film and have fun with him for a couple of weeks, Holland said.

In six months of shooting for the HBO Max franchise, Holland found herself once again playing Harcourt. This time for a post-credits tag that would lead directly into, the new HBO Max show starring.

Gunn, who has been Holland's partner since 2015, penned the eight-episode series out of boredom, not knowing if it would even be made. Along the way, he let Holland know that Harcourt would be back.

Holland says that I didnt get my hopes up, but thats because WarnerMeida backed the show. All of a sudden we are moving to Vancouver and he was prepping the show it was a whirlwind.

Cena, who is fully qualified with improvisation, is admired by her.

She knew her character so well and really fought to make sure the character traits were intact, says Cena.

The first episode includes a fight scene in which Harcourt owns a would-be attacker in a bar. Cenas Peacemaker is instantly smitten, but Harcourt feels the opposite, particularly because he killed her colleague Rick Flag () in The Suicide Squad.

Holland says, Shes not an angel, but she hasnt killed people before. But you dont kill your fellow soldier. So she starts off with absolutely no respect for this guy. She cannot believe that Waller saddled her with him on this team.

Holland was a good student who was serious about gymnastics and imagined a future as an architect. After studying theatre, Holland decided to leave her home in Los Angeles, completing her classes online.

Every role that got put in front of me, Oh! I get to be in this horrible film! Holland recalls with a laugh. I didnt know the difference between quality and character. I had no idea. I was just so excited to be on set.

Gunn entered Holland's life in July 2015, when he was seeing a picture of him and asked her what she was. Rosenbaum's then-girlfriend floated the idea to Holland, who had never heard of Gunn.

"I guess the fact that she put producer first or something, it just kind of gave me weird vibes," Holland says.

When she looked up interviews of the affable filmmaker online, that initial hesitance change.

The couple went on a semi-blind date and subsequently clicked.

Holland describes him as a whole life story. We spent like seven hours together and that's it. That's how it started.

As she developed a partnership with Gunn, he directed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in Atlanta in 2016. While she booked a role on Sun Records in the CMT '50s music drama, she shot in Nashville and would travel to Atlanta on the weekends.

While the series lasted only eight episodes, it provided a few short moments for Holland, who and her onscreen husband, Chad Michael Murray, shared a manager when she first arrived to Los Angeles, while Kevin Fonteyne, who played Johnny Cash, also plays a physical trainer.

Despite being short-lived, Holland's most prestigious role was a few years ago.

Gunn is known for writing parts with specific actors in mind, yet even those closest to him say they are oblivious to Gunn until he offers them the role. That was more or less true of Holland, though she was privy to more than others in Gunn's life.

Holland believes that he is extremely sensible in not telling anyone until he knows it's 100 percent. Until he 100 percent is locked on a script and he knows for sure nothing is going to change, any character might be written out at any time, he says.

When Gunn was preparing for The Suicide Squad, he conceived a member of the Squad's coms team for Holland. Several DC readers would recognize the name.

Holland of Gunn's Peacemaker writing process said: He'll come down from his office and he'll sort of bounce ideas off me when he's writing. I started getting a little bit of a teaser of what the character would be.

As the Peacemaker began, Holland's pre-acting training as a gymnast came in handy for a much-celebrated film for the opening credits. Steve Agee, who plays techie John Economos, proved a comfort.

Jenn was able to perform these dance moves for the first time throughout the shoot, but every time we met a new rehearsal it was like Chuk and I was dancing. That was Jenn for the whole shoot, always willing to go and nailing everything she had to do.

Holland's journey to Harcourt began years ago as a result of her car trip to the United States with her mother. But it may not be over, should Peacemaker return for a second season.

Holland states, "I feel so grateful for the whole thing. The character is just amazing. I love her so, so much."

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