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The 'Ray Donovan' Showtime Movie Ends With A Surprise

The 'Ray Donovan' Showtime Movie Ends With A Surprise

The series, which ran for seven seasons, ended the day with a two-hour film that answered a few questions on what made Ray the man he is today.

After a huge outcry, the Donovans stand together or go down swinging. After all, Ray doesn't leave loose ends.

For the uninitiated, Ray Donovan is a professional fixer who oversees the messy facts of illegal activities to protect celebrity clients. The drama also brought out the interactions between Rays children, brothers, and wife, as well as Mickey, the menacing patriarch of the family, accompanied by Jon Voight.


In my head, it was the only death that could happen, and it had to be [Bridget that pulled the trigger]. [...] Were pushing all of this downhill, and who's watching Ray? And it's Bridget.

If the series had continued until its eighth season, Hollander's choice to come to an end would have been more ambiguous.

It may have been more of a disappearance or a mysterious thing, but the story really is about, not just the legacy of violence, but, Who is the wolf? Who is the person who really stirs the pot? We had to wake Ray up to his role in all of this because, in a way, hes the bigger antihero of the two. And he is the genesis of a lot of things we see in the show.

Schreiber agreed that it's the thing about inherited trauma that is important to me. The conscious and unconscious ways in which we promote and reproduce trauma.

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