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Was it worthwhile to attend the CES 2022?

Was it worthwhile to attend the CES 2022?

This upcoming January 25-27, 2022, will be attended by gaming leaders from GamesBeat and Facebook Gaming.

COVID's attendance numbers were masked by the Omicron variant, which claimed a victory among 45,000 attendees and 2,300 exhibitors.

According to the Consumer Technology Association, the company that puts on the show in Las Vegas, the number of participants was down from 171,000 to 4,400 exhibitors.

Despite the impact of the coronavirus strain, the CTA's CEO defended the decision to go ahead with the event in the first week of January. Back in November, Shapiro predicted maybe half the usual size for the show, but it turned out that Omicron drove it even lower.

When big corporations like Intel, Twitter, and others pulled out of the show at the last minute, a number of my appointments were canceled, making it easier for me to choose to withdraw in the last week before the event.

GamesBeat: Into the Metaverse 2 is a 2nd Annual GamesBeat and Facebook Gaming Summit.

January 25 27 2222

Above: The CES 2022 show has begun on January 5, the opening day.

Many small businesses could not make it, as they had spent a lot of money on their booths and couldnt get refunds at the last minute. One exhibitor told me that CTA would not let them out of the contract, so they decided not to go and then tried to power through it with an online only presence and a virtual booth.

The cancellations by the big companies became a "huge media story, amplified by each new departure," said Shapiro. Journalists across the Twittersphere expressed their skepticism about the possibility of an in-person show, and many expressed their own commitments based either on personal conviction or company policy to cover the show remotely

"When we got to Las Vegas, everybody seemed relieved and relieved," he added, adding: "For many exhibitors and attendees, we had a attitude of gratitude that reassured me that we had made the right decision in presenting the show."

Shapiro said the team made decisions that exceeded the safety and health requirements for large events. In the summer, the group said it would require vaccinations for all attendees, and later that masking was required for all indoor venues.

On New Year's Eve, the CTA awaited Abbott Healthcare to provide free COVID self-test kits to all participants as well as on-site PCR tests for international visitors.

President Biden's remarks in December gave us the confidence to take steps to stop being aggressive in the areas of masking, vaccinations, and testing, according to Shapiro.

Shapiro discussed Biden's remarks that this is not March 2020, according to a number of members of Congress.

We have to take this opportunity to live with it for some time, and it must be able to create alternatives to that reality, Shapiro said. Several Fortune 100 CEOs made this point to me in commended CTA for its leadership in organizing a CES.

On the opening day of CES 2022, above: Light traffic on the Las Vegas Strip.

Among the benefits of less people was that the lines werent as long as those who went to booths or events without a lot of waiting time. Similarly, the less attendance was good, given the opportunity for smaller companies to shine.

There were a lot of digital health products, with over a dozen companies exhibiting products designed to detect, trace, and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Shapiro noted there are reports of attendees testing positive, even though vaccinations and tests were required.

I agree with the dilemma and the difficult decision, but I understand those who argue the CTA decided to invest money on health. I chose not to go because I didn't want to be part of a superspreader event that would endanger me and my family when I returned. It may have been safe, but Ive been to a tumultuous time when people came to say they were following their procedures.

The Entertainment Software Association (E3), the organizer of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), has already announced that it will go online only for a show that normally attracts 65,000 people to Los Angeles in June.

Shapiro noted that the Business Travel Association, one of the largest trade associations in Washington, praised CES as a "nothing short of a model" for how business trade events should take place in 2022, and that it encouraged other professional event organizers to follow its lead as they prepare for this year.

We acted in line with CES 2022 as a pre-planned event, but we provided a critical platform for the tens of thousands of people who rely on it. We also demonstrated leadership, helping the industry to define a new normal as we learn to live with the virus.

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