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Right now, Vinyl District and the Hottest Neighborhood in L.A

Right now, Vinyl District and the Hottest Neighborhood in L.A

The massive Hollywood & Highland shopping center (opened in 2001) was a part of Hollywood's efforts in the revitalization phase, but it is still in the midst of a $100 million makeover and will be relaunched as Ovation Hollywood.

The Vinyl District, a brand name promoted by Relevant, has been branded in honor of Hollywood's legacy as a home to music labels, recording studios, and record stores.

Hollywood is experiencing a development boom, with nearly 1,000 [hotel] rooms added, 1.5 million square feet of commercial real estate, 15 new restaurants, new rooftop lounges, and a plethora of notable additions, says Vaughn Davis, general manager of the areas (rooms from $279 per night).

The revitalization of the neighborhood adjacent to where the beloved happens every Sunday began in 2015, with the opening of the funky, flirty 70-room (from $178) boutique hotel from Accor Hotels in France. I think Mama L.A. showed other hotels and restaurants that people in Hollywood would come out and support a business such as ours, says Mama Shelter general manager David Jackson.

Relevant Group has invested almost $500 million in the Vinyl District, bringing it to the forefront in three hotels, three concepts, two rooftop bars, and a conference space.

We found an incredible opportunity to change the way we perceive the area, which has been historically known as nightlife-driven, to usher in the next iteration of dynamic and sophisticated hospitality, says Grant King, the director of Relevant Group.

Dream Hollywood is the earliest of the Relevant projects, with its unique rooftop restaurant and bar.

Relevant unveiled the (from $399) a sleek, modernist, luxury boutique hotel founded by the architect Steinberg Hart and designed by Tara Bernerd. In the coming weeks, renowned chef Lincoln Carson known for the short-lived Bon Temps in DTLA plans to open, a French-style brasserie with a SoCal sensibility, in the Thompson.

Relevant's, a cheerful restaurant managed by Studio Collective, has opened in December. Tommie's flagship restaurant, based in Mexico, is now available for purchase.

A remarkable work by Relevant Group has been done in a visually appealing 1930 art deco standout (once home to the Hollywood Citizen-News newspaper) now built by Rockefeller Kempel Architects. Evan Funke, of Venice's Felix Trattoria, was convinced to locate his new ode to Rome on the premises.

What I love about Italian cuisine is illustrated environmentally. Imagine youre sitting on the island of Capri, eating insalata caprese with the person you love, the ocean breeze on your face, and sipping a crisp glass of falanghina, says Funke. There is a problem with Italian cuisine in every room. So, when I first saw the renderings of the space that Mother Wolf sits in, I was able to reopen.

The only restaurateur who has been named Funke has purchased the facility in October.

In December, the new music studio was established in the same name as David Bowie and Stevie Wonder. It features New World Italian cuisine in a unique, historic room; if you have ever wanted to dine in a control room or recording room, heres your chance.

Theres no question that the Hollywood culinary and cultural scene will be affected with its full weight in 2022, according to Grant Smillie, the co-owner of Grandmaster Recorders.

Tony Messina, Enrico Merendino, and Yoshiyuki Okuno, both from the United States, have teamed up to open the fusion restaurant at 6115 Sunset Blvd. in the old Paley area adjacent to Viacom's office building. (A few blocks to the west, acclaimed chef Nancy Silverton opened the chophouse inside the Hollywood Roosevelt in 2021.)

The vibe is like a party, says Mama Shelters Jay about the influx of new spots. We energize each other, and the interactions between businesses are themselves a source of further energy.

According to Jay, the neighborhood's share of challenges is down due to the active participation of the Hollywood Business Improvement District, which organizes security patrols, beautification, and promotion.

According to Davis, a feature of this movie has risen to become the most popular cultural destination in the world, thanks to its rich history and diverse audience.


New Dining Rooms in Musso & Frank

The historic Hollywood Boulevard has just received an upgrade. In the past, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Harrison Ford, and Brad Pitt have been hailed as the finest people on the planet.

The first dining room in the restaurant has been reimagined by global architecture company Gensler.

The restaurant was recently closed due to the omicron surge and is scheduled to reopen on January 11.

The new rooms include an intimate dining area and a VIP wine room, along with larger rooms to host industry events for up to 50 people. SYDNEY ODMAN

This story was first published in the January 12 issue of The Hollywood Reporter.

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