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A former Troutdale couple died while fighting COVID, leaving behind four children

A former Troutdale couple died while fighting COVID, leaving behind four children

A large family of strong roots in the Portland area has been slashed as a result.

Pavel and Olga Kuzmenko had their lives separated from the rest of the family when they moved to Troutdale in 2013.

We were living in Portland for over 21 years, said Pavel Sklyaruk, Olga Kuzmenkos brother.

Sklyaruk is now for the Kuzmenkos four children aged 10, 15, 16 and 17 who now live with other extended family members.

Pavel Sklyaruk and Olga Kuzmenko's father, Andrey Sklyaruk, died on December 17 of COVID-19.

Pavel Sklyaruk said he was older, but it wasn't until now that he would get there.

The death of the patriarch has ignited a terrible loss of love for the family.

Pavel Kuzmenko's health deteriorated, with COVID-19 and pneumonia ravaging his lungs, and he was also on dialysis for acute kidney failure, according to his family.

Er was born December 27, and was in his early 20th.

Olga Kuzmenko, 41, appeared to be lowering the coronavirus, but a fungal infection appeared and she began bleeding from the brain, her family said. She was declared brain dead Wednesday and taken off life support Thursday.

It wasnt immediately clear whether the three family members were vaccinated.

While the Kuzmenkos were admitted to the hospital due to COVID-19, Pavel Sklyaruk doesnt think his sister and brother-and-law succumbed to the coronavirus, he blames doctors and claims the couple was discriminated due to their Ukrainian heritage.

Pavel Sklyaruk, a 39-year-old construction worker, has been thrown into a panic.

He remembered attending church with his only sibling, Olga Kuzmenko, and the kindness of his brother-in-law, who spent a recent day in oil as they worked together to repair a car.

Its so difficult to reminisce about them, said a man.

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