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With $36 million for a 4-day, 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'Surging Past 'Black Panther'

With $36 million for a 4-day, 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'Surging Past 'Black Panther'

A great start to Paramount's 2022 season, according to EntTelligence box office analytics firm.

The film has a 76 percent positive ratings and a 61 percent recommendation from PostTrak audiences. It is still being released in Canada theatrically even though cinemas are closed in the Quebec and Ontario provinces.

Sony will be reporting their statistics early, but many are seeing the brand falling below $705 million after the holiday weekend, which would make it the 4th highest movie ever at the domestic box office, with Black Panther winning $700 million.

The GKIDs' scored $727 million last night in 1,326 theaters, with the expected $1.55 million over 3-days and $1.9 million over 4-days. Belle was the most well-known actress in the West and Mountain regions, with a 68 percent audience rating on PostTrak.


Scream, based on Thursday night, earned $3.5 million from around 3,000 theaters.

Due to the erratic moviegoer attendance during the pandemic, the movie is catching up. Halloween Kills and A Quiet Place PArt II were also included on the Saturday night show, but it was not too far behind Glass, which was dropped in 2019 for $3.7 million.

In the end, the reboot-sequel directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett is the only marquee draw until Feb. 4, along with the rest of the proceeds from Spider-Man: No Way Home. The goal for Scream to be able to tie past anything in the $20M over four-days, according to Universal/Blumhouse/Miramaxs Halloween Kills, which was $49.4 million in October.

Scream was co-financed by Paramount and Spyglass Media for $24 million before P&A.

Paramount hosted a live fan event with actor David Arquette, Bettinelli-Olpin, and Kevin Williamson, as well as a pre-taped talent intro and extended bonus content featuring the new cast.

Spider-Man: No Way Home resurrected $2.1 million on Thursday at 4,012 theaters, up 4% from Wednesday, bringing its cume down to $677.95 million. Black Panther, a Disney and Marvel, is the fourth-biggest movie stateside with $700.4 million.

On Thursday, Illumination/Universal's Sing 2 was second in the table, registering a total of $555 million, with an estimated 3.3%, for a running total of $111 million until the end of Week 3.

This weekend, Gkids' Belle will have 1,300 theaters, expanded to 995 sites and a two-day total of $335K. Pic will perform in 40 Imax auditoriums as well as venues such as The Landmark in LA, BAM in NYC, and The Roxie in San Francisco.

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