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On Sunday and Monday, snow and slippery roads in Alabama are possible

On Sunday and Monday, snow and slippery roads in Alabama are possible

This weekend, snow is still in the forecast for parts of Alabama, but a lot of uncertainties are in that forecast.

On Sunday, a mix of rain and snow, or all snow will be possible in the northern parts of the state, according to the National Weather Service. It may result in dry roads on Sunday and through Monday.

There are winter storm watches in effect just to the north of Alabama as of Friday morning, but none for the state. However, forecasters warn that there are still a lot of question marks in the forecast and things can change, and theres a possibility that watches might be extended into north Alabama.

As significant revisions are not out of the question, the weather service urged people in north Alabama to keep up with the forecast.

According to the Huntsville weather service, snowfall levels in north Alabama have increased significantly, resulting in a shift in the weather forecast from Thursday.

For parts of North and North-Central Alabama, a storm system is expected to bring rain to Alabama on Saturday. And the rain might add up to an inch or two before it's over.

The weather service in Huntsville predicted that accumulations of up to an inch would be possible across North Alabama, with the higher amounts anticipated in the high terrain areas in the northeast.

Here's a look at the north Alabama timeline. Be advised that things might change.

Forecasters in Huntsville believe there may be snow bands, which could lead to heavy snowfall and larger accumulations.

The weather service in Birmingham said the forecast confidence for central Alabama has increased, although there are still concerns regarding specific accumulation amounts.

Central Alabama is expected to have a transition from rain to victory as the weather services shift its focus to Sunday afternoon.

As we approach Sunday, snow accumulations are possible. There are a lot of things to do with the amount and location of the snow. The principal message is to keep an eye on updates and the weather as we prepare to weather.

The majority of towns in central Alabama will not see accumulating snow, but areas east of Interstates 20 and 22 have a "best chance of seeing accumulations," according to forecasters.

For the time being, forecasters say accumulations are not in the Birmingham metro area.

But with Alabama snow forecasts, the snowfall totals across the country are still uncertain and are likely to undergo further revisions in future forecast updates, according to the weather service Friday morning.

According to Mobile's weather service, South Alabama is expected to lose out on most of the snow, but a few flurries may be reported on Sunday morning north of Highway 84.

On Sunday, temperatures will fall quickly behind the storm system, and the weather service said any snow on the ground might hang around until Monday and cause headaches on the roads.

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