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Arlo, Nest, and Ring are the most coveted video doorbell cameras for 2022

Arlo, Nest, and Ring are the most coveted video doorbell cameras for 2022

In 2022, the best video doorbells are adding some serious smarts to their traditional counterparts, from two-way talks to auto-responses.

The design, installation, video quality and video storage fees for every doorbell cam can vary greatly.

If you're not sure where to start in your search for a smart video doorbell, I've rounded up my favorites video doorbell camera models below. I've also offered a few general points on finding the best security camera device for you. So if you're looking for the best video doorbell, chances are it's among those we've tested.

Arlo's wired Video Doorbell cam is simple to install, performs well, and features competitive features and pricing starting at just $3 a month.

The Arlo Video Doorbell, our choice for best video doorbell overall and recipient of 8.5/10 rating, also features HD video, a built-in siren, two-way audio, motion detection zones, and arm/disarm modes.


The Nest Doorbell (battery) also works well with Google Assistant-powered devices such as the Nest Hub.


Ring has been called out for in the United States since December 2018, causing privacy advocates to express their concern about. In December 2019, thousands of Ring doorbell users began talking about their phones, putting our attention to the fact that they have to stop recommending Ring products.

We have since updated its security policies, from offering customers a dashboard to accessing information more easily, to requiring. You can read more about how we incorporate Ring's privacy policies into our recommendations.

The Ring Video Doorbell Wired is one of the best deals on the market and has one of the highest scores of all reviewed doorbells with a 8.6/10. It's a fully functional video doorbell, with a 1080p HD video resolution and standard notification features, including motion alerts and person-only alerts. The Ring app is easy to use, and it provides fairly quick push notifications when people approach the door.

Ring's $3 subscription service allows for 60-day video storage as well as a handful of other useful features, including with Alexa.


The Peephole Cam is Ring's answer to apartment doors or any doors with peepholes. It's the first on our list to score below an 8 in (7.8), but it's still a great choice, especially for those in an apartment or condo.

The Peephole Cam is completely battery-powered, but you'll still be able to see through it like a normal peephole, but you'll also be able to provide a live video feed of your front door on demand and talk to any visitors.

With its streamlined installation and a clever workaround for apartment-dwellers, the Ring Peephole Cam is definitely worth considering.


The $180 wireless doorbell from Arlo is essentially identical to its wired version -- other than the fact that this doorbell cam relies on a battery instead. Wireless doorbells tend to be pricier (the comparable Ring 4, for example, is $200), but they offer convenient solutions to anyone who does not have doorbell wiring.

The Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell features an extensive 180-degree view, affordable $3-a-month subscription for cloud storage and other perks. All in all, it's an above-average device, earning an impressive.


How CNET tests video doorbells

Testing to determine the best video doorbell is similar to testing any other application. While a lot of products include tutorial booklets in the box with your purchase, I prefer to start with the app. It's your one-stop shop for managing your doorbell from start to finish.

Make sure the doorbell is configured based on the manufacturer's specifications -- either hardwired doorbell or battery- or solar-powered.

FAQs on video doorbell

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about video doorbells. If you have any other users, please feel free to contact me on Twitter () or you can email me from (just click the little orange envelope).

What is the monthly charge for a video doorbell?

It depends on what brand you purchase, but generally video doorbell monitoring subscriptions will set you back between $3 and $6 per month. Ring Protect and Arlo Secure both cost $3 for a single device and $10 more.

Are video doorbells stolen?

There isn't much evidence that doorbell-swiping is common. It makes sense: you're likely to be filmed stealing the doorbell, after all.

How long do videos remain on video doorbells?

Most people will keep event recordings for a short period of time without a subscription, but that's mostly dependent on your product and subscription.

Is it possible to recover deleted doorbell camera videos?

The best way to prevent losing an important video is to keep your account on your phone or computer. Also remember that some cloud storage services may automatically delete events after ten to 60 days, so remember to check your doorbell camera's cloud storage frequently to avoid missing the window to save or download important videos.

What to look for in a video doorbell

Does it work with smart home platforms? If so, do the smart features work well together? Today a smart home device is expected to work with at least one major smart home platform.

If the doorbell isn't strong enough to communicate, it might be necessary to have a Wi-Fi range extensioner.

How's the live view? Doorbells are often exposed to direct sunlight, but many others are installed under porches, near shady trees and in all sorts of other settings. It's important that the camera has night vision and can handle any of these scenarios so you don't get stuck with a non-functioning product that can't see faces under a porch.

How's the two-way audio going? If the doorbell's microphone and speaker don't work well, you're going to have a tough time communicating with whoever's there. I tested this out multiple times to see how the doorbell's audio sounds over my phone.

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