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Crews attack a large fire at a chemical facility, and officials have urged residents to close windows

Crews attack a large fire at a chemical facility, and officials have urged residents to close windows



Late Friday night in Passaic, hundreds of firefighters were battling a fatal blaze at a chemical plant, sending smoke to the region and informing residents to shut windows.

The mayor of Passaic said the fire was caused by the Majestic Industries area of the complex, but it was spread to Qualco, a company that manufactures pool and spa products, he said. Among the fires, the fire has not reached a place in the facility where chemicals - including chlorine - are stored.

Lora said a firefighter was hurt shortly before midnight; no serious injuries had been reported.

About 200 firefighters from Bergen, Essex, and Passaic counties responded to the 11-alarm blaze. When crews arrived, they found huge, heavy smoke, and flames on the roof and upper floors of the Passaic Street facility.

We are not under control by any means, but we are doing everything we can to combat it, Trentacost said shortly before 11 p.m.

We are monitoring constantly. We are having companies in the chemical factory, and we are very closely watching where this fire is going," the chief said.

According to the chief, firefighters requested assistance from the local water company and fire boats to provide water to the scene. Members of several responding fire departments could be seen at hydrants in and around the city retrieving water.

Lora said she believes this is probably one of the most devastating fires I've seen in a long time.

Lora, who is also the head of Passaic Public Safety, praised firefighters for their ability to combat the devastating fire, but said the fire was not yet under control.

It is a really dangerous and demanding fire, the mayor said. It is not anywhere near under control.

There are presently multiple buildings involved, according to the scientist earlier.

Officials around the area and as far as New York City alerted residents about seeing and smelling smoke from the fire, according to the mayor.

Lora said: As of now, the fire has not impacted directly the chemicals.

Lora later admitted in a video on Facebook that he was at City Hall planning for possible evacuations.

Residents are encouraged to stay inside until the fire is over., the police in East Rutherford said.

Gov. Phil Murphy has urged neighbors to keep their windows closed as the fire continued to burn around 10:30 p.m.

We encourage everyone in Passaic to stay safe as firefighters tackle a massive eight-alarm fire off of Route 21.

The route 21 South was canceled at least shortly before 9 p.m. ablaze, according to the website, and no further details were made.

Last year, Passaic and other nearby firefighters were fighting an 11-alarm fire at a recycling facility in the city.

Passaic firefighters were confronted by a massive fire on January 14, 2022, according to Mark Larson.

Fire at a chemical facility in Passaic, Illinois (Courtesy Twitter user @RichardCalle_)

Jackie Roman, a staff reporter, has contributed to this report.

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