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This thing you like is being rebooted

This thing you like is being rebooted

Remember this guy? Yeah, you do.

That thing you like is being rebooted. That streaming service you forgot you pay for is restoring that movie or TV show you watched in the '80s or '90s or whatever.

According to Variety, this new version is a reimagining that pays homage to the original while adopting new and exciting directions. It's a sequel or possibly a spiritual sequel, unless it's a prequel.

The main characters in the new show have been gender-flipped or race-flipped, or they're the same people but now with kids they don't understand and their text messages appear on the screen. Or perhaps the new show explores the emotional journeys of the supporting cast and the original main characters aren't in it at all.

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The original stars are back or maybe they're not, and they tweeted how confident they are about it or pissed off so nobody asked them. The original creators are very excited to be involved with this new opportunity to continue the journey of characters they created, while being paid for it all over again.

The streaming service you didn't know you got free with your phone plan is also planning to expand the franchise with an animated prequel, three live-action spinoffs and a TikTok challenge.

That thing you want was previously rebooted in 2003, but lasted only one season.

Remakes have always been a thing, but reboots have been out of control in the streaming age. New versions of those you like dominate the big screen, but it'sn't enough, not when massive media monoliths are desperately trying to get you to sign up to their streaming service or go see their movies or perhaps both.

The Munsters, The Muppets, The Untouchables, The Improvisation, and The Game of Thrones, all have been rebooted for the first time, including Justified, The Santa Clause, Quantum Leap, Bel-Air, and Dexter.

Marvel, Netflix, and more will release the latest films in 2022.

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