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The mayor of Passaic has been told that a fire that ripped through the chemical facility is still in the scene

The mayor of Passaic has been told that a fire that ripped through the chemical facility is still in the scene

Firefighters battled in extreme temperatures throughout the night and into the morning, with massive fires moving into the air and smoke that could be seen for miles, including from New York City.

The 11-alarm incident, which began around 8:30 p.m. at the Majestic Industries warehouse on Passaic Street, is now contained, according to the Passaic Mayor shortly before 8 a.m.

Firemen are still putting water on the building, which has been partially broken.

Crews including hundreds of firefighters from dozens of companies across the country were able to keep the flames from reaching Qualco, a company that produces pool and spa products, including chlorine pellets, according to officials.

Environmental officials in Passaic believe the air quality in the area is at "acceptable levels," and that there is right now no reason to evacuate, according to Mayor Hector Lora in at 3:20 a.m.

Officials had asked residents on Friday night to shut their windows for protection against smoke.

Has the incident hit the main plant, it would have been, to say the least, a major incident, Lora said. There would have been numerous evacuations, many people.

The only injury reported so far is a firefighter who was taken to the hospital after being hit with debris in his face, according to Passaic Fire Chief Patrick Trentacost.

The fire started in a building used for plastic and pellet storage and was postponed at the time, according to the head. The majority of the building has since collapsed, according to the head.

A portion of the building had chlorine stored inside, but it has been under control, according to Trentacost.

On Saturday morning, Passaic Engine 3 was attacked by a chemical facility fire in Passaic.Dave Hernandez | For NJ Advance Media for

The chief said the weather and cold temperatures have been a concern. Water has been freezing under the firefighters and huge icicles are hanging off one side of the building.

Were doing everything we can to help our firefighters get rehabilitated and rotate them through, Trentacost said. But fighting the elements has been really tough.

Police have cordoned off a half-mile zone around the complex, which is in a densely populated area a mix of old factories and homes.

NOTE: This is a very exciting story that will be updated.

On Saturday morning, firefighters spray water onto the fire, but runoff and overspray start to freeze in Passaic.Dave Hernandez | For NJ Advance Media for

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