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Friendly Fire: Murphy's message, a filibuster bluster, and Trenton sans Sweeney

Friendly Fire: Murphy's message, a filibuster bluster, and Trenton sans Sweeney

Q. is sending 1,000 military medical personnel to six states, including New Jersey, where personnel are on the verge of setting new records for caseloads. Gov. Phil Murphy says he won't tighten mask restrictions, vaccination mandates, or indoor gatherings.

Governor Murphy has been harmed by a significant number of his constituents this November, which is why I do not quite get the play on his current approach. He is imposing a school mask mandate, but we will never break this COVID cycle if we dont get as many people inoculated as possible.

Mike: Julie has a point, but New York and New Jersey are two different places when it comes to supply and demand. Gov. Murphy is reacting to his election results, and the fact that the Omicron variant is thankfully less severe. People want to continue their lives without attempting again.

Julie: You're right, except not enough people are taking precautions and getting vaxxed. That's their right, but don't infect the rest of us in crowded public spaces.

Q. Biden went to Georgia this week and demanded that the filibuster regulations be changed to advance two voting rights legislation. But Stacey Abrams and other prominent supporters of voting rights have boycotted his appearance. Was there a reason for that dis? Does it help or hurt the cause?

Stacey Abrams has remained absent from her job as governor, avoiding a new president whose numbers are not particularly high in Georgia these days makes sense. She has done more to enfranchise voters than most others in the Democratic coalition, so her bona fides on this issue are above reproach.

Mike: Democrats will die the day they got rid of the filibuster. It is there to protect the views of the minority party, which they will be back in the coming weeks.

Steve Sweeney, the most powerful senator of the last decade, is now a private citizen. What will change with the post going to Sen. Nick Scutari?

Senator Sweeney was a force in the Senate and kept his caucus largely unreluctable, a feat that is impossible to solve. Senator Scutari has served on the Judiciary Committee for years and has also served as the Democratic Chair of the Union County Chamber of Commerce.

Mike: New Jerseyans owe Sen. Sweeney a debt of gratitude. He performed what he believed was right regardless of partisanship or political implications. We need more of that in politics today, especially in DC.

This week on, he talks about his time as Senate President and his potential run for governor.

Q. Murphy offered his offer on Tuesday. What makes it you as significant?

Governor Murphy has devoted time to discussing affordability, and if he wants to help voters up and down the ballot, that is what he will continue to focus on. Lets not confuse issues that poll well with issues that get voters to the polls.

Mike: It seemed a defense of his four years, an explanation as to why he thinks he should have won by more. It does not seem he will return away from his progressive goals, but it is signaling that he heard the electorate on taxes at least.

Murphy seeks to calm New Jersey on COVID and promises action on taxes and guns in a virtual State of State speech.

A defense attorney for Sen. Sandra Cunningham said he is having a bad time in the trial. The problem with the office of Esther Suarez is that it is denying discovery information. Does this tempt cynicism about impartial justice for political insiders?

Julie: I am a big fan of Senator Cunningham and wish her luck. It sounds like the judge told the Bergen prosecutor to resolve the issue with her counterpart in Hudson, so I would not jump to any conclusions until the judge actually dismissed the charges.

Mike: Im with Tom. It would be great for all the prosecutions to move this case along with the same speed and fairness as any average citizen.

The DWI case against a state senator has been stalled, as the prosecutor's office in Hudson is blamed for the delays.

Q. Would it be worthwhile for the United States to maintain economic sanctions in this situation?

If we think that broad-based sanctions are going to encourage a mass populist uprising against the current regime, then we have a bridge in Havana to sell you. We have a sophisticated intelligence and banking system and know where the Taliban's money is stashed, however, we are pretty certain Taliban leaders are not keeping their money under a mattress in Kabul, regardless of their nature.

Mike: I want Julie to work with our country's intelligence services. Go get the money! Afghanistan's misgiving will be a stain on Biden's judgment and legacy. There's a reason for Bush, Obama, and Trump never left.

Currently, in Afghanistan, 23 million Afghans are on the verge of hunger, with one million children expected to die this winter.

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