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Tacos & Tequila Bar in Muskegon, Michigan's Best Local Eats, slays street-style tacos in a fun atmosphere

Tacos & Tequila Bar in Muskegon, Michigan's Best Local Eats, slays street-style tacos in a fun atmosphere

RAD DADS' Tacos & Tequila Bar, a local community owned by three dads, was initially conceived as a way to capture the 80s.

The restaurant is known for having a fun and entertaining atmosphere for those aged 21 and over to enjoy a night of good food and entertainment.

The local spot was initially started in 2018 by three people with a total of 14 children and a clear idea of what they wanted to create. Despite this, there is only one owner, Matthew Gongalski.

Colin Chorny, the head of the Gongalkski team, said that he has gone from the start of the day, as he tries to modify the original menu and creates the kitchen.

Today, Chorny's favorite dish is the Chick Norris ($5). A taco with deep fried chicken, roasted poblanos, caramelized onions, chimichurri, and queso fresco is served on a grilled corn shell.

There is always good music playing in the 80s and 90s, said Chorny. We got arcade machines and old skateboards that people have donated on the ceiling and there are Pogs laid out on the bar.

Customers are able to catch the Muskegon Lumberjacks, a junior ice hockey team, playing on the ice while they grab a bite to eat.

People are allowed to come in, eat and drink, and then theyre not allowed to go into the games, they can watch from our area for free, Chorny said. Its a unique experience being able to go in and reserve tables in a restaurant.

The main aim of RAD DADS success is to keep the entertainment on its menu, including the Deconstructed Crab Rangoon Nachos ($9) with wonton chips and the insides of a crab Rangoon atop the chips.

The Dictator ($5.50) is another popular dish that the dish has been called. It is a taco for Korean-marinated bulgogi steak, shredded cabbage, pickled carrots, scallions, and sriracha aioli served on a grilled corn shell.

Customers who want to enjoy a unique drink can get their Rad Margarita ($11), a favorite on the menu of frozen Margaritas and cocktails, like the Fresh N Spicy ($9) with a spicy salt rim.

Each month, patrons can get four new meals, three new drinks, and a pink vanilla vodka and champagne additions. For example, Hip Hip Hooray is being showcased in January and is being showcased with pop rock music.

The RAD DAD's currently serves about 20 people at the bar and about 100 indoors. Patrons can reserve a heated igloo for a socially-disturban night.

The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. To make an order online or in house, to check the latest additions to the menu or by calling (231) 766-7669.

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