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Free TV streaming workouts are available on request

Free TV streaming workouts are available on request

Millions of us are willing to devote more time to physical activity every year, thanks to sedentary living experiences.

Are you able to get in shape without being a drag? Pump it up with dumbbells? How about training for a marathon?

You can now access the power of streaming TV to help you achieve those goals. Instead of, you can attend classes right at home, for free, and.

Here are a few of the best places to start.

Couple exercises in a living room

YouTube is the most obvious stop for fitness content where you'll find a variety of styles, trainers and niche fare. Whether you're looking for weight-lifting instruction, dance, yoga, full body exercises or cycling, there's something for everyone on YouTube.

Various intensity levels are available in MadFit's Yoga Room or Yoga with Adriene for beginners yoga lessons. More Life Health Seniors features exercises for strength and balance

With in-house DJs, head over to 305 Fitness for high-energy dance sessions. Of course, Chloe Ting, Thenx, Simeon Panda, and Pamela Reif's channels all provide at-home programs that focus on every part of the body.

The app, which was launched in 2019, offers hundreds of on-demand and live workouts that include strength training, HIIT, cardio, yoga, walking, and prenatal sessions.

FitOn has compiled a list of professional trainers and celebrity instructors, including Halle Berry, Lindsey Vonn, and the Chainsmokers. These classes are now available on Roku and Apple TV.

Yoga is performed at home by a woman.

During the outbreak, CorePower Yoga began offering some of its online classes for free. While the majority of its content is accessible with a paid subscription, you can also stream its collection of free classes without being a paying member.

Each of the seven sessions focuses on a different area. Keep in mind that in yoga, beginners should follow one or more of the same routines daily as they become acquainted with the new exercise. Download the app on Roku, FireTV, Android TVs, or Apple TV to get the free lessons. If you sign up by January 16, you will receive a 20% lifetime discount on All Access memberships.

Members of Prime Video have access to Amazon's free library of exercise videos that cover Pilates, yoga, strength training, weight-lifting and more. The "Exercise & Fitness" section provides fitness advice for all ages. Stream workouts from Maggie Binkley, a 10-day yoga challenge with Chelsey Jones or Qigong guidance from Don Fiore

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The Fawesome app is a streaming service that offers movies and TV shows, but it also has dedicated exercise content. Stream videos under its Fawesome Yoga, Fawesome Pilates, and kettlebells, all of which are short and tasty.

What's more, Netflix makes it easy to practice mindfulness with its content. have a wellness hub, and Tubi users can tap into more than 100 free fitness videos (including Jane Fonda classics).

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