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Trevor Story or Matt Olson? CC Sabathia suggests Yankees upgrades

Trevor Story or Matt Olson? CC Sabathia suggests Yankees upgrades

At shortstop? At first base?

Fans of the Yankees would probably sign up for it in a heartbeat.

As the lockout has concluded, the retired starting pitcher suggested adjustments.

I love Trevor Story, Sabathia told Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney on WFAN on Thursday. I think you get Trevor Story out of Colorado, and I think people will really recognize how good he is. I would like to see us get Trevor Story and try to figure out a trade.

The Yankees' actual situation was assessed by Sabathia.

We need to be way more athletic, he said, adding that if we look at the lineups, we would be able to score on a double from first base. Thats something we cant do. Moving runners around. The best teams in the big leagues now, if you look at the lineups whether its the White Sox or even Atlanta, who won the th World Series, or even the Astros, all had the combination of speed and power. Now, I think the game is

He added that he's mostly content with the current roster.

They played great last year, Sabathia said. We get Aaron Hicks back healthy. You get Severino in the mix. I think that team's good. Its just up to them to put that together now.

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