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According to police, a Portland woman is known for whimsical artwork slain by her son in a murder-suicide

According to police, a Portland woman is known for whimsical artwork slain by her son in a murder-suicide

Police believe a Portland woman was remembered for her floppy sculptures and her dedication to supporting fellow artists on Thursday.

Karen Friedstrom, 74, was found dead on Tuesday afternoon in the home she shared with her 47-year-old son Justin Friedstrom.

Karen Friedstrom is a member of the Artistic Portland co-op gallery, whose multimedia work transformed vintage food tins and other recycled materials into button-eyed robots, portly ghosts and clockwork owls.

Jen Cook-Chrysos, a third artist at the gallery, said she was really central to the whole operation. Everyones shocked. Well really miss her, he said.

According to Cook-Chrysos, Karen Friedstrom developed and promoted the company to attract new customers.

Cook-Chrysos said she'd find all the things that people had thrown away and turn it into artwork.

According to artist David Leonard, Karen Friedstrom has been a member of the gallery since 2013, and has been involved in the Beaumont Middle School.

Tinkerware's upcycled art, was whimsical and resentment to so many people. We all miss her very much.

Karen Friedstrom, a neighbor on Southeast 103rd Drive, said in a statement that the dog had a passion for the arts, but that she was not above-committed to a aching back. Rambo had a small dog named Rambo, and two cats, according to the interview.

Amundsen recalled her son who was staying in a cottage in the backyard.

Amundsen and his wife heard gunfire Sunday night but did not think much of it, as shots ring out around the neighborhood, according to the news.

On Tuesday, Amundsen was surprised by the large police presence and discovered that a man had shot himself in the Friedstroms' backyard, according to the news. Karen Friedstrom's daughter had asked for a welfare check because she hadn't heard from her mother, according to the news.

Police scoured the property until late Tuesday night, according to the suspect.

Amundsen said the violence near the home was fatal.

An, and police were found guilty of being assaulted on January 2.

Amundsen said he sees the world as a sad place, and that he is quite touch by it.

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