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In the legislative session of Canzano, Oregon legislators are getting big on new sports legislation

In the legislative session of Canzano, Oregon legislators are getting big on new sports legislation

Oregon legislators are tuned into the sports scene in our state. I hope they follow through and get a couple of bills they're currently writing turned into legislation in the upcoming legislative session.

State Sen. Peter Courtney has gotten my attention on this talk on Friday morning. It was an exceptionally entertaining and blustery call. Anyone who has ever interacted with the 78-year-old Senate president knows he could read the phone book and make it entertaining

Here are the details.

Legislators are proposing a bill that would allow student-athletes to collect royalty payments when a merchandiser (i.e. Nike, Adidas, etc.) makes a college jersey with their number on it. It would also include royalties for video games makers that use their likeness and extend to trading card companies.

The bill would allow athletes in the two states to have more choice and support against college athletes in other states. Sabrina Ionescu, a former Oregon Ducks standout, was a huge hit while she was in college. Under this legislation Ionescu could have received a pile of royalties while playing.

Students on campus would get financial, legal, and accounting assistance from the university, according to the proposal. These kinds of relationships would be deemed agent by previous legislation and threaten NCAA eligibility.

Sen. Courtney confirmed that his office is also writing a bill that would widen the possibility for college sports betting players in our state to gamble. Prior legislation outlawed it, but attitudes have shifted, and the Supreme Court has legalized sports wagering nationally a couple of years ago.

The NCAA used to frown on states that allowed sports wagering and avoided holding championship events in those locations. But that stance has changed dramatically in the last five years. It remains, though, is outdated legislation in Oregon that outlaws gambling on college events.

The Oregon Lottery is transferring its sports-wagering operations to DraftKings beginning January 18.

Who knows if lawmakers will approve and pass both bills, but I believe sports is on the top of mind right now. In the new world of Name-Image-Likeness, Oregon and Oregon State are in a race against other universities.

The first proposal is a home run initiative that gives Oregon an advantage.

The second piece of this post is like a no-brainer.

This is not the first state in which sports wagering is allowed, especially in the Alabama-Georgia national championship football game.

The upcoming legislative session in Salem will begin on February 1st.

Courtney will be on the statewide radio show tonight at 1 p.m. and well discuss both bills in detail. Listen live: Portland (750-AM), Eugene (1050-AM), Klamath Falls (960-AM), Roseburg (1490-AM) or stream it at.



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