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Crews fight a heavy fire at a chemical factory, but officials urge residents to close windows

Crews fight a heavy fire at a chemical factory, but officials urge residents to close windows

According to Mayor Hector Lora, firefighters were battling a major blaze at a chemical plant in Passaic, near Route 21.

The mayor, who was at the scene near Passaic Street and Columbia Avenue, said residents should keep their windows closed and avoid the area. The incident has not reached an area of the facility where chemicals are stored.

The fire continues to rage, Lora told the press shortly after 9 p.m. It is an extremely difficult and challenging fire.

There are currently multiple buildings involved, and it is at a chemical facility, the mayor said.

Firefighters from several different organizations, according to Lora, were called to assist. Officials around the region and as far as New York City alerted residents about smoke from the fire.

As of now, the fire has not impacted directly the chemicals," Lora said. The building in which was built chlorine, according to Lora.

According to the mayor, the inferno was burning at a building that houses Qualco, a company that manufactures pool and spa products.

Lora said in a facebook video that he was at City Hall preparing for possible evacuations. New York City residents may see and smell smoke from the fire, according to an alert from the city's emergency management department.

Gov. Phil Murphy has also asked residents in his area to keep their windows closed as the fire continued to burn around 10:30 p.m.

Firefighters in Passaic have urged everyone to stay safe as they erupt on Route 21. If you live nearby, keep your windows open. Pray for the safety of our first responders on the scene

According to the website, Route 21 South was closed as of shortly before 9 p.m.

Last year, Passaic and its surrounding firefighters fought an 11-alarm fire at a recycling facility in the city.

In Passaic, firefighters were battling a massive fire on January 14, 2022. Mark Larson

Fire at a chemical plant in Passaic, Kenya. (Courtesy Twitter user @RichardCalle_ )

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