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Encanto's gift to Mirabel to hidden Easter eggs is one of 13 things to do

Encanto's gift to Mirabel to hidden Easter eggs is one of 13 things to do

Mirabel is the only member of her family without a gift. Or is she?

What do you think is that everyone is doing exactly that. This morning, we don't talk about Bruno? We do it here in Disney Plus, but it's easy to do it.

If you are spending a lot of time exploring Encanto, here are 13 things to keep an eye on the magical Madrigal family.

Spoilers for Encanto are expected to arrive soon.

What does Encanto mean?

The casita in Encanto is enchanted with magic, yet the entire Madrigal family enjoys it with them.

Getting the most out of your head isn't always the same as streaming to superheroes, memes, and video games.

Several Bruno memes have been inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The Madrigals are a Colombian family, and Leguizamo is a singer and vocalist. Lin-Manuel Miranda has a strong connection to Bruno.

"I just saw a TikTok of a guy who claimed Bruno Madrigal looks like Lin-Manuel Miranda if Hamilton never made it to Broadway," one fan tweeted.

Another said, "How many people do ya think it took to keep Lin from discussing Bruno?"

If Hamilton never made it to Broadway, I would get a tiktok.

How many people do ya think it took to keep the company from giving their voices bruno?

We Dont Talk About Bruno is serving as a guest on We Dont Talk

Bruno is hiding in the movie poster.

Look at the poster for Encanto, crowded with the Madrigal family. Isn't that? Yep, it's Bruno, the mysterious Madrigal the family dislikes to talk, hiding under his green cloak in the far left part of the poster, next to a tree trunk.

Can you find Bruno? Hint: Look by the tree on the far left.

The opening song of Beauty and the Beast was inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

Remember the opening number from 1991's Beauty and the Beast, in which Belle whirls through her village singing about the people she knows there? That concept inspired Miranda's opening number in Encanto, The Family Madrigal, in which Mirabel introduces her magical relatives and their powers.

"We wanted to get our arms around them rather than letting them get winnowed away in the story process where you tend to focus on the main character and their quest. We have to be super clear about who it is, how they're related, what they can do, and how that relates to our main character."

Encanto is available on Disney Plus streaming service.

Mirabel's skirt honors her family members.

The music of Mirabel's family has a symbol on their clothes indicating their gift. (Look for the barbells on Luisa's skirt, or Pepa's sunshine earrings, depending on what she is doing) But Mirabel, who begins the film with no gift, has them all embroidered on her skirt, including a candle for Abeula, a chameleon for shape-shifting Camilo, and animals for Antonio and more.

"My favorite feature about Encanto is that every character has a symbol of their miracle embroidered on their clothes, except for Mirabel, who has symbol of her entire family," one fan adds.

Encanto has a symbol of their miracle embroidered on their clothes, and my favourite aspect about Encanto is that every character has a symbol of her miracle.

Look closely at Agustn's outfit too.

Jared Bush, Mirabel's dad, Agustn, has reintroduced his family in his organization.

"Agustn incorporated his three daughters into his outfit, a flower for Isabela, one sock with Luisa's symbols, and one sock in Mirabel's embroidery," Bush said in a tweet.

Also... please note the amazing character design and costume / Agustn incorporated his three daughters into his outfit - flower for Isabela, one sock with Luisa's symbols, and one sock in the style of Mirabel's embroidery

What is Mirabel's gift in Encanto?

When a young Mirabel decides to give her a magical gift, nothing appears to happen. In the film, it brings the Madrigal family's magical casita back to life. Perhaps she is the greatest, she has the power to keep her family, their home, and all their magical gifts together and flourish.

The fact that she can't lift churches or see visions of the future has been shown to be less important than her love for her family.

Yet the audience wants to know about her, "OK, but whats her gift tho?"

Mirabel is an independent & capable person who is as deserving of love & acceptance as the rest of her family. Putting so much attention to a singular aspect of a person's identity can be emotionally and psychologically harmfulaudience, according to encanto.

Hercules and Cerebrus are among the many people who have been involved in hercules.

According to Luisa's super-catchy Surface Pressure song, "Was Hercules ever like 'Yo, I don't wanna fight Cerberus?" Cerberus is the three-headed dog who guards the gates to the underworld in Greek mythology, but this could also be a Disney movie reference.

Luisa's song was inspired by Lin-Manuel's sister.

Luisa sings of how the family's responsibilities are often dumped upon her without them asking, because they're used to her carrying them without complaint. The song was inspired by Miranda's own sister, Luz, who is six years older than he is.

"She takes on way more responsibility than I do, as I was very aware that I was the baby brother who got away with everything," he says, so Surface Pressure is very much a love letter to my sister. "

And Luz ejected as Luisa, even at a young age.

"When I woke up on Christmas morning, my parents woke up to gather a He-Man playset."

Take fish and stay up to date.

A character in We Don't Talk About Bruno appears briefly but memorably, claiming that Bruno told her her that her fish would die, and that her vision came true (she even displays the upside-down-floating fish). This character's name is "Senora Pezmuerto." Translation? "Pezmuerto" means "dead fish."

I know that Naming characters are among my favorite things. HER name is the best. Not mentioned in the film, but not easy to figure out, but the answer is out there. Who can find it first?!

Great guesses, but there can be only one good answer: Sra. PezmuertoFeliz Nochebuena!

Mirabel's height is remarkable.

Fans of We Don't Talk About Bruno believe that he has a "seven foot frame and rats along his back," but when Bruno shows up, he's nowhere near that tall.

Jared Bush's director said in a tweet that he's able to answer a question I've been asked A LOT -- 'how tall is Mirabel?!' Official answer: 5'2 -- all other characters' heights are relative to hers, so that's all I got... except Bruno who has, you know, a 7-foot frame and rats along his back."

The answer to a question I've been asked A LOT - How tall is Mirabel? Official answer: 52 - all other characters' heights are relative to hers, so that's all I got... except Bruno who has, you know, a seven foot frame and along his back.

At Disney, you'll meet Mirabel.

Mirabel landed at Disney's California Adventure theme park in Anaheim, California, for the winter holidays. A Disney representative did not immediately respond to a question about whether she'll be a permanent person at the theme park or whether she'll be present at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Good to meet you, old friend.

Lin-Manuel Miranda said he mentored many of the singers through Zoom, and he didn't meet many of them until the film's November premiere.

Green is not easy to be green is not easy.

It's important to note the importance of the color green in the film, especially among two specific characters. Mirabel's round eyeglasses are a bright green, and Bruno hides under a green cloak.

Marvel, Netflix, and more are expected to release movies in 2022.

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