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The registration for a kindergarten in Millburn Township begins on February 1st

The registration for a kindergarten in Millburn Township begins on February 1st

The kindergarten registration for Millburn Township for the school year 2022-2023 will be done online from February 1 to February 28.

Parents of incoming kindergarteners are encouraged to register during this time so that the school district can plan for the number of students who will be attending kindergarten in the fall.

Parents of children who qualify to begin kindergarten in September (must be five years old on or before Oct. 1) will begin the registration process by entering their information online in the Registration Gateway system.

Parents should note:

Steps in the kindergarten registration process:

You may already have an account with the new student or you may join the account and click on Add Student to register as a kindergartener.

Follow the steps to enter all requested information to the pre-register child.

Upload the required documents (documents of residency, health, immunization, etc.)

4. A checklist before the end of the process will alert you to additional information and documents to complete registration.

5. Once online registration has been completed, send an email to registrar Michael Walz.

At the time of verification/registration, required documents:

1. The birth certificate of the child is issued as a sign of the original birth certificate.

2. Two proofs of residency:

Parents of students currently serving the Millburn Preschool program should submit this to a school district kindergarten class, upload a utility bill as a proof of residency, and the registrar will respond with a confirmation of kindergarten registration for 2022-23.

Parents without computer access, having technical difficulties, or who have questions about kindergarten registration can email the registrar Michael Walz.

In the spring, all families who have registered for kindergarten will receive a mailing from the school with information about their orientation.

In Millburn Township, the five elementary schools are:

To verify school attendance, please refer to the school.

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