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In 2022, there are ten things to look forward to (no, really)

In 2022, there are ten things to look forward to (no, really)

As we waited for the cover of the raging COVID-19 epidemic, we all slowed as we spread the word.

How can you measure this kind of time?

In the gleeful, side-splitting, and thought-provoking diversions they offered, whether it be keeping up with all the shows from the Before Times, revisiting comforting favorites or cracking open new narratives.

We are Successionistas and "Matrix" scholars, but only our matrix is the stream, and we happily take this blue pill until the next release date.

Its a pleasure to read it.

"Cyrano" by Peter Dinklage is based on "Cyrano."MGM.

The mutated virus that has our forecasts for 2022 is not uncommon at best.

Here are some things to consider in 2022 as some shelter and others cautiously do their routines as always, safety first).

Blessed? We are.

The original Toxic Avenger: New Jersey superhero has been released by Troa Entertainment.

The original Toxie made his debut in the 1984 film from the fictional and filmed here, before appearing in Troma Entertainment's entire B-movie franchise.

The good thing about this Scream is that it does not take the reboot tack, even if the powers that be didnt define it Scream 5. The original gang from 1996 is back, well, apart from Wes Craven, who directed Scream 4 (2011) and died in 2015. returns as Sidney Prescott to sagely advise the slashers new target.

Kamala Khan will serve as the lead villain for "Ms. Marvel," ahead of the release of the "The Marvels," scheduled for 2023.Disney Plus

The superhero origin story will be told on screen in the series Captain Marvel (2019), which is due to be released in 2023 from Bisha K. Ali.

(in theaters March 4, on HBO Max April 18) gives us the long-awaited debut of Battinson, aka Robert Pattinson, as the new Batman in the caped crusader. The film originally was pegged for a release on June 25, 2021 before being postponed twice, and also stars Zo Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as the Riddler, and Colin Farrell as the Penguin

The "epic" Viking revenge fest (in theaters April 22). Alexander Skarsgard, Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor, and Willem Dafoe are all included in the saga.

The new Game of Thrones series, date TBA on HBO, will be released in 2022, courtesy of Ryan Condal, the original GOT writer.

In 2022, "House of the Dragon," the prequel series "Game of Thrones," will have more Targaryens on our screens.Ollie Upton | HBO

This bullet point was originally reserved for Keanu Reeves in . The film sequel was supposed to premiere May 27, 2022, but was. However, there is still a large action movie opening Memorial Day Weekend. , the sequel to the starring alum, will be in theaters May 27.

In the long-delaying film, (here's a ), Cruise is back with Val Iceman Kilmer (this time, Jennifer Connelly,, Jon Hamm, and Miles Teller join the party). And if Top Gun isn't your cup of tea, there's always (also in theaters May 27), which co-stars as Linda Belcher!

Tom Cruise has appeared in "Top Gun: Maverick," according to Paramount Pictures.

The return of (date TBA, HBO Max) gives New Jersey's own and co-creators a second season of the sharp, funny, compelling and series headed up by Deborah Vance. This show (also nominated for /musical at the ) had us from the opening moments of the pilot and never let go.

"Hacks" by Jean Smart, is part of HBO Max's "Hacks."Jack Giles Netter | HBO Max

In 2021, production for (date TBA, theaters) had begun rewriting the idea, allowing Smith to develop a new script in the sequel to Clerks II and Clerks, which created the star director in 1994.

"Clerks III," directed by Brian C. O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson, will be released in 1994. The film will finally be released in 2022. Miramax

With Clerks III, Smith's 2019 film , filmed after his, was a freewheeling celebration that welcomed back many old faces from his films. Expect a warm Jersey homecoming with all the attendant nostalgia, but maybe also a meditation on growing up, aging, and art, and you know,.

As Jordan prepares for the next installment of the "Rocky" revival, Newark's own megastar, Adonis Creed, is acting as a comedian. Bianca, Phylicia Rashad is also performing as a singer.

Michael B. Jordan will direct and star in "Creed III."Barry Wetcher | Warner Bros.

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