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Saginaw dog will start life in Utah sanctuary after months in pinning off her own leg to escape

Saginaw dog will start life in Utah sanctuary after months in pinning off her own leg to escape

SAGINAW, MI A dog whose tragic story here captivated people across the world will begin her journey to a happier chapter of life.

Bella, a Saginaw dog who escaped the entanglement, will be taken to a sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, by authorities on Saturday, January 15th.

Bella, the director of the county-run animal shelter, said she'll arrive at her destination, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, on Tuesday, January 18th.

Desi Sage and Abbe Balderstone, two of the authorities in Saginaw County, will lead and deliver the brown and white pit bull.

Kanicki said: Its a feel-good story for Bella.

Thelen Subaru, a local dealership located in Bangor Township, will donate the vehicle and gasoline used for the trip. A local family donated additional money to cover trip expenses.

Kanicki said: This is not a taxpayer-funded trip.

Bella was spotted in Saginaw's Parkwood neighborhood in August, while sitting next to a pile of chopped wood.

Bella was tethered to a steel cable wrapped around her back leg, which she chewed off and seemingly ate. Saginaw County shelter officers recovered Bella, bringing her back to normal.

In September, Bella's previous owner resigned ownership rights.

Bella was unable to be adopted out in part due to the trauma she endured. Kanicki sought out animal sanctuaries with a specialization in rehabilitating traumatized dogs.

Bella's story originally told by local media spread across the globe, and People Magazine and publications as far away as Germany shared it with audiences, including when news spread she would land in Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Bella will be taken care of by a nonprofit organization as a pioneer in the no-kill animal shelter movement. The sanctuary is the largest in the country for companion animals and has approximately 1,600 animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and pigs.

Bella, shown here in December 2021.

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