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Best mattress in 2022

Best mattress in 2022

There are more options than ever for purchasing mattresses in 2022, and these options are practical. No journey to the store or awkwardly testing a mattress hundreds of others have laid on.

You'll notice an increase in your comfort level and the quality of your sleep on the first try, but you won't get disappointed when you choose the right mattress.

On this list, you'll find the best mattresses available now, regardless of how specific you are -- back sleeper, side sleeper, and stomach sleeper -- respectively. Whether you're looking for more comfort, I've reviewed different mattresses and tested them for information.

The best mattresses for 2022 are available in comparison to 2022.

Mattress Buying info Mattress type Price (queen) Sleep trial period Warranty
Layla Hybrid Hybrid $1,499 120 nights 10-year limited
Casper Original Foam $985 100 nights 10-year limited
Saatva Classic Hybrid $1,595 180 nights 15-year limited
Avocado Green Hybrid $1,599 365 nights 25-year limited
Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid $999 100 nights 20-year prorated
Leesa Legend Hybrid $2,039 100 nights 10-year limited
Helix Midnight Luxe Hybrid $1,749 100 nights 15-year limited
Helix Plus Hybrid $1,499 100 nights 15-year limited
Ghostbed Flex Hybrid Hybrid $1,544 101 nights 25-year limited
Purple Hybrid Premier 4 Hybrid $2,299 100 nights 10-year limited
Puffy Lux Hybrid $949 101 nights Lifetime
Allswell Hybrid $389 100 nights 10-year limited

The price of a queen mattress is shown below, but I list the full range of available sizes and prices for each entry. I update this list periodically.

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Type: Flippable hybrid mattressFirmness: Firm: 5 or medium | Soft: 3 or medium-softTrial: 120 nights Warranty: 10-year limited warrantyPrice (queen): $1,499

The Layla Hybrid is a layered combination of gel memory foam, airflow support foam, and individually wrapped coils to make the mattress feel comfortable and comfortable right away.

The middle layer of the mattress is made from copper-infused foam, which is great for hot sleepers because it is designed to heat away your body so you stay cool while you sleep. The copper is also antimicrobial, so it helps prevent a buildup of bacteria that can cause breakdown and odors over time.

The Layla Hybrid had the lowest motion transfer out of any other mattress on the list, so I didn't wake up at all when my boyfriend tossed and turned -- this hybrid mattress is also a huge comfort level perk for anyone who's been serious about getting a sleep divorce.

The Layla Hybrid comes in twin to California king sizes and prices range from $1,099 to $1,699.

Type: Poly foam mattressFirmness: 6 out of 10 or mediumTrial: 100 nights Warranty: 10-year limited warrantyPrice (queen): $986

The Casper Original is a popular foam mattress that I am a big fan of. Although I'm more of a soft mattress kind of gal, firmer mattresses like the Casper mattress are designed to provide pressure relief in all of the right places so you can have a pain-free day and a stiffness-free morning. And this Casper mattress did exactly that.

When I first woke up, I didn't have that "ahhh" moment from a lighter, heavier mattress, but as I settled in, the mattress began to slowly form to my body. I have never experienced any throbbing neck or back pain, owing to the Casper Zoned Support technology.

The mattress is divided into three zones that are designed to provide the ideal spinal alignment. The foam near the shoulders and upper body is softer to help you in those areas, while the firmer foam under the hips, waist and lower back keeps your spine properly aligned.

The Casper Original comes in twin versions to the California King, with prices range from $695 to $1,495.

Type: Hybrid mattressFirmness: 3 firmness levels | Plush Soft: Medium or 5 | Luxury Firm: Medium-firm or 7 | Firm: 9/10 or firm Trial: 180 nightsWarranty: 15-year limited warrantyPrice (queen): $1,595

The Saatva Classic is something you would expect from a firm mattress lover. It is thick and supportive and comes with just the right amount of contouring. While this innerspring mattress hybrid does not have the cloud-like feel of traditional pillow-top mattresses, it has enough give to relieve pressure on your hips and shoulders, but not so much that your spine is being thrown out of alignment.

As my body got used to it, I started to sleep soundly throughout the night and wake up without any pain (or an arm that had fallen asleep during the night).

The Saatva Classic mattress is a combination of two layers of coils, one innerspring layer and one pocketed coil layer, combined with memory foam and a pillow top.

The mattress features lumbar technology and additional support in the center of the mattress, designed to keep your spine aligned while allowing your shoulders and hips to fall in only a bit.

The plush soft and luxury company are both firm and firm. There are also two different mattress heights -- 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches. Check out our full or the to see more options.

The Saatva Classic comes in a number of sizes, ranging from $887 to $2,196.

Latex HybridFirmness: 7 or medium-firm with the pillow top (9 or firm without)Trial: 365 nights Warranty: 25-year limited warrantyPrice (queen): $2,099 (with the pillow top) $1,599 without the pillow top

Many mattresses are sprayed with chemicals and flame retardants, and made from those that have been linked to some health problems. Because of this, the manufacturer recommends selecting a mattress that's made from at least 95% cotton, wool, or natural latex. And that's where the comes in.

The original mattress from the brand, which is the one I tested, is made from all three materials -- or you can choose the vegan mattress, which is the same sans wool. Both versions contain any polyester, polyurethane foam, or fire retardants.

The latex mattress was a bit overcooked for me personally, but as I settled in, it formed to my body and hugged me in all the right places. I was comfortable sleeping on my back and side, and the bed was adjusted quickly as I transitioned from each sleep position, unlike other memory foam mattresses that can lag when you move.

If you want the pillow top attached, prices range from $1,099 to $2,099.

Type: Memory foam hybridFirmness: Medium-firm or 7Trial: 100 nights Warranty: 20-year prorated warrantyPrice (queen): $1,199

The AS2 Hybrid mattress is made from a proprietary memory foam that contours to your body, reducing tension in your back, hips, and shoulders. So when you change positions, the Bio-Pur foam bounces back faster, ensuring you never feel "stuck."

The Amerisleep AS2 improved response time and was one of the most comfortable things on the market. Even when I changed positions throughout the night, the mattress adjusted quickly, cradling my body and giving it the weightless feel that really takes the edge of the day off.

The Bio-Pur foam is also more airy and breathable than traditional foam, so I stayed healthy all night, even when I was cuddled up under a heavy down comforter.

The AS2 Hybrid comes in two sizes, each for a king and one for a king, and prices range from $749 to $1,598.

Poly foam hybrid mattressFirmness: 5 or mediumTrial: 100 nights Warranty: 10-year limited warrantyPrice (queen): $2,039

The Leesa Legend was designed for all types of sleepers, but while it was comfortable no matter what my sleeping position, I thought it would shrink when I was sleeping on my back. Throughout the night, I often shift from sleeping on my side to sleeping on my side. And with the Leesa Legend, I actually settled in on my back and stayed there most of the night.

The Leesa Legend is made from two layers of springs and two layers of memory foam topped with a wool-and-100%-cotton cover that provides an additional comfort layer. This Leesa mattress immediately felt soft and inviting (with just the right amount of bounce) and had the best body contouring when I was lying on my back. It also had edge-to-edge support that was comparable to the Nectar Lush with minimal motion transfer

And like the Casper, the mattress cover is made partly from recycled water bottles, so you can feel good about the planet while you sleep. Get started on our list of the to see more options.

The Leesa Legend comes in sizes twin XL to California King, and prices range from $1,614 to $2,294.

Type: Poly foam hybrid mattressFirmness: 5 or mediumTrial: 100 nights Warranty: 15-year limited warrantyPrice (queen): $1,749

If you've ever gone mattress shopping with a significant other, you already know how big a disaster can be. Selecting a customizable Sleep Number luxury mattress, which has a hefty price tag and, then you're likely to find one that will make you both happy, especially if your tastes and sleeping styles fall on different ends of the spectrum.

The Helix Midnight Luxe was designed from a combination of high-density memory foam and gel visco combined with pocketed coils. Out of all the mattresses, the Helix Midnight Luxe was the most lumbar support, which really relieved my boyfriend's severe lower-back pain.

This Helix mattress is marketed towards the side sleeper, although it's beyond comfortable when you're on your back or stomach too. There's hardly any motion transfer and it's not designed to please most people, or at least serve as a great compromise if you don't agree on firmness level.

The Helix Midnight Luxe comes in sizes twin to the California King, and its prices range from $999 to $2,149.

Type: Memory foam hybrid mattressFirmness: 7 or medium-firm Trial: 100 nights Warranty: 15-year limited warrantyPrice (queen): $1,499

The Helix Plus mattress, which is marketed for people who wear plus-size clothing or anyone who is "big and tall," is designed to provide adequate support and comfort all in one. But although it's not the best mattress for plus-size sleepers for the purposes of this roundup, it's actually a good mattress for everyone.

I felt like my partner sank into this mattress in all the right ways. It was comfortable in any position and adequately absorbed movement, even when my sleeping partner was tossing and turning.

The only thing that I would give is that this mattress feels like a medium to firm mattress, and that's all it takes to get it done. That's why Helix rates this mattress 7-8 out of 10 on the firmness level scale, therefore the extra firmness makes sense. Also, mattresses tend to break in and soften over time, so I imagine the mattress firmness would be perfect for me after several months.

The Helix Plus comes in mattresses sizes for twin to California king, and prices range from $749 to $1,849.

MattressFirmness: 5 or mediumTrial: 101 nights Warranty: 25-year limited warrantyPrice (queen): $1,544

In July, GhostBed's major claim to fame is its cooling technology, and it really did deliver. While I could certainly say, the mattress isn't magic, I felt surprisingly cool considering how warm and sticky the room began to get as soon as the sun came through the windows.

The bed itself was quite comfortable, although it wasn't as lush and inviting as some of the others on this list, but it wasn't that slow sinking memory foam feel that's typical of these types of mattresses.

The GhostBed Flex Hybrid comes in sizes twin to split king, and prices range from $1,222 to $2,660.

Read more about their original mattress in our full or check out our list of the to see more options.

Type: Hybrid mattressFirmness: 6 or medium to medium-firmTrial: 100 nights Warranty: 10-year limited warrantyPrice (queen): $2,429

This was another characteristic of the Purple Hybrid Premier 4. Coming from someone who has typically slept on her back, it was very comfortable.

The Purple had the most bounce out of all of the mattresses, but pure memory foam tends to feel a little stiff to me no matter how much plush the mattress claims to be, but the grid bends and moves in ways that make the mattress feel bouncy and plush, while also providing ample support for your back and spine.

The Purple mattress grid didn't get used to for the first several nights, but it was also fairly common. I would not call it an uncomfortable feeling, but it was definitely different. However, even after enlisting two more stronger-than-me volunteers, we decided to move the mattress to the guest room for testing.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 4 comes in sizes twin XL to split king, with prices starting at $1,899 to $4,198.

Type: Memory foam hybridFirmness: 4 or medium to medium-softTrial: 101 nights Warranty: Lifetime warrantyPrice (queen): $949

The Puffy Lux mattress is the brand's most-loving bed, and I can understand why. Side sleepers need something that cradles and contours around their hips and shoulders, and the Puffy Lux has a perfectly fine firmness level around medium to medium-soft, or a 3 to 4 on the firmness scale.

The Puffy Lux is similar to the original Puffy mattress, but it has a noticeable memory foam feel that slowly nestles around your body and gently pulls you into the comfort layers. I think this makes it a little easier for combination sleepers who prefer their side to switch positions on.

The Puffy Lux mattress is a solid 12 inches thick, and is made with a pocketed coil bottom layer. This means it's comfy enough for all body types, including those who weigh more than the 230 pounds.

For a twin, the prices start at $599 and the price for a Cal king is $1,149.

The type of Hybrid mattressFirmness: 6 or medium to medium-firm Trial: 100 nights Warranty: 10-year limited warrantyPrice (queen): $389

Walmart has brought Allswell to you, which defies the rule of the mattress industry by selling a hybrid mattress for a modest price. Hybrid mattresses have pocketed coils in them to make them more durable, durable, and supportive, which usually comes with a cost. Allswell, on the other hand, is cheaper than most foam beds, and it fits the bill for price-conscious customers who want a simple foam bed at a low cost.

Allswell features a three-layer construction that gives you a neutral, soft foam feel. It's not as fast or slow-responding to pressure as latex foam, nor is it as springy and bouncy as latex foam. It's more of a standard classic foam, like the stuff inside a comfy couch and a firmness level around a 6.

I think it's going to be most suitable for people who want a middle-of-the-road firmness level. It suits most sleeping positions because it has ample pressure relief to contour around the curves of your body, but it's also supportive to keep your spine in neutron alignment.

Allswell's prices start at $279 for a twin, but they range from $479 for a California King.

How did I test my self-testing technique?

For the rest of the week, I tested each mattress for one week, making sure to get seven to eight hours of sleep per night. During these nights, I slept on the mattress with my boyfriend and whichever one (or several) of our five pets would like to join us. I like a really soft mattress and he prefers something firmer with a little back support.

I spent a lot of time reading and working on my laptop as a result of this. (I know, I know I shouldn't be, but I wanted to give each mattress as much time as possible.) Once I knew I had enough information to provide an accurate assessment, I moved on to the next mattress.

Each mattress was fitted on the same platform bed frame and using the same pillow and the same sheets, which I washed between each mattress. We all know there's nothing better than getting into bed with freshly washed sheets, so I wanted to make sure that every mattress had that initial advantage. The Purple mattress, which I left in the guest room because it was too heavy to move upstairs, as I mentioned above.

What's the best mattress to buy?

The Layla Hybrid is the best mattress for most people, but it's supportive for all body types, it's very low motion transfer, and the hybrid mattress offers many benefits that keep you cool while you sleep.

Combinate mattress between foam and foam

The mattresses on the list above fall into two categories: hybrid and all foam. Both types have their own benefits

Foam mattresses are made entirely of foam layers, including memory foam mattresses, latex foam, and gel foam. Each foam layer is usually a different density, with high-density foam on the bottom for support and a higher layer of softer foam for comfort.

Hybrid mattresses are used to provide support both with foam and metal coils, which they are similar to the innerspring mattresses that most of us grew up sleeping on, but with additional foam for comfort and additional support.

What are the most comfortable mattress types?

Memory foam is a subjective thing. Some people consider it to be extremely comfortable because they are comfortable in their own right. But there are some guidelines you can follow when looking to narrow down it. Memory foam is a great option if you are suffering back pain or want to feel like you're "sinking" into your mattress. It's not always the best for hot sleepers.

Traditional spring mattresses do not relieve stress as well as memory foam mattresses, but they're supportive and breathable. Spring mattresses also tend to be more budget-friendly, so they're great for hot sleepers who are looking to save some money.

Combining the best of both worlds, memory foam and springs provide extra bounce and air flow. The springs in hybrid mattresses are usually smaller than the springs in the traditional spring mattresses, so they don't transfer as much motion.

How do you try before buying?

You can purchase the mattress yourself, but you will have a trial period to test it out in, which is typically 100 days. If you're unhappy with your mattress, you may contact the company to return it.

Once the company confirms that the pickup has happened, you'll receive a refund.

Most companies will encourage you to try out your mattress for at least three to four weeks before you attempt to return it. However, if you want to wait, you don't have to.

What kind of warranty do you receive?

Certain warranties are required to keep them on for 10 years or more, depending on the manufacturer's experience. All foam mattresses require a supportive foundation to support them, and if you have a proper foundation, the warranty won't cover it.

What are the best mattresses for side sleepers?

You need a mattress that gives enough give to relieve stress on your shoulders and hips, but not so much that you sink into it. It's important to keep your spine aligned when you're sleeping on your side, since that's what ensures you'll wake up pain-free.

What are the best mattresses for back pain?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer, but the best mattresses for back pain generally include memory foam and other features, like added lumbar support.

What are the best ways to clean my mattress?

It may be stained, but it may accumulate dust, dirt, hair, and other, well, stuff. But cleaning something so big and heavy can be a waste.

The following are some of the most important things to consider when it comes to CNET's.

How often should you replace your mattress?

If your mattress is slipping or making it difficult for you to get a good night's sleep, then it's likely time to begin shopping.

How often you need to replace your mattress depends largely on what materials it's made of -- innerspring mattresses will last longer than an all-foam mattress.

How do I dispose of my old mattress?

When you buy a mattress from a furniture or mattress store, it'll haul away your old one. But when you buy a mattress online, the new one shows up and the old one is still there. You're on the hook for getting rid of it.

Among the sluggish facets of recycling, here's the first one.

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as medical or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health goals.

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