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Bond has denied and the exam has been postponed for the suspect in the fatal Jackson shooting

Bond has denied and the exam has been postponed for the suspect in the fatal Jackson shooting

For the third time since October, a preliminary examination for a suspect in a fatal Jackson shooting has been postponed.

Ke'Juan Watts, 18, is expected to attend the Jackson District Judge Allison Bates on January 28 to conduct a preliminary examination.

In connection with ShaNya Coleman's fatal shooting on Aug. 25, Watts is charged with open murder and felony firearm.


Since the examination began on October 8, the course has been postponed several times.

Witnesses previously claimed that the shooting was caused by a botched medication arrangement in the Keyes Log Cabin Party Store in downtown Jackson.


The Watts attorney, Sheldon Halpern, requested to suspend the initial exam on January 14, arguing that prosecutors had failed to provide the critical evidence required to accurately question witnesses.

Halpern claimed to have not received an external hard drive containing data from a total of seven devices belonging to witnesses and victims in the shooting.

Kelsey Guernsey, a former Jackson County prosecutor, said the hard drive had been sent to Halpern's office.

Bates rescheduled the exam to continue later in January to ensure Halpern's office can receive and examine the requested evidence.

The second and potentially final day of Watt's preliminary examination has been rescheduled for January 28 and will be put aside on February 1 in the event it continues.

Pendant the hearing on Friday, Halpern argued that Watts would be given a reasonable bond.

Halpern said: You cannot bind over on murder without proof to prove that the killing was not justified.

Bates denied the request for bond on the grounds that the full preliminary review has not been concluded.

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