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Why should you?

Why should you?

The Cowboy Bebop star has stopped watching until now.

I stayed on the original Dexter series for a while. Every episode. I ate it at the point of interest, including the final season, even though it was clear to me it sucked. I had already invested a lot of time into it, so I didn't have it.

I don't really do New Year's resolutions, but I have one for 2022, and I'm determined to keep it: I will no longer fear the stop button.

When I came across a question, I'd been puzzled by the idea of taking off movies, shows, or other events that aren't doing it for me. "LPT: Stop watching movies/series you don't like. Don't feel obligated to watch them all until the end. There are too many bad movies/series out there, just start a new one or do something else."

The coolest news you'll ever get from superheroes to video games.

The LifeProTips is a place where people give each other advice, and it seems that this thread has hit a nerve, logging almost 42,000 upvotes and over 3,600 comments. "Argh. You've invested this much time watching this show, you just wanna see it finish," he said.

The best TV shows you can't miss in 2022 on Netflix, HBO, Disney Plus and more

You're a lumberjack and you're OK? No, no! When it comes to streaming services I'm paying for, sometimes I'm trying to squeeze out the most from Dexter, but sometimes I've put a considerable chunk of time into and feel obligated to see it through.

I've been able to skim a 50-page academic essay since childhood, but it might stem from the moment I would start a book or pull my way through the pages if I liked it or not, just to be able to close the cover on the other end.

"Life's too short for [insert thing here] is a cliche, but it's a meaningful one," says one writer.

This movie was very interesting, dude. I watched the whole thing.

I've already started practicing my new approach. I loved the Cowboy Bebop anime, but 10 minutes into the, I stopped it. I immediately felt uncomfortable with the editing and visuals, both of which work hard to imitate anime rather than be their own thing. But I haven't. I'm in the latest season of Cobra Kai, which I'm loving for its heart and, of course, the martial arts.

I pulled up a sequel to the Bill & Ted film series in 2020. I said out loud, "If this sucks, we'll turn it off." That commitment made me prepare for the next meeting, especially when it comes to music.

What this demands from me is a conscious commitment to checking in with myself. Is this possible? If not, would I rather watch something else or go write or read a book or make bagels? So here's my big resolution for 2022: Less TV and movies I don't love, more bagels

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