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The Vocational &Tech High School of Somerset County is named Educator of the Year

The Vocational &Tech High School of Somerset County is named Educator of the Year

Philip Eng, an automotive-diesel technology instructor at the Somerset County Vocational and Technical High School (SCVTHS), has been named Educator of the Year.

Eng was in the middle of teaching a lesson when he heard a commotion entering his classroom. Immediately, he was immediately treated as a greeting member with a banner and an announcement that he would be named the Educator of the Year 2021-2022.

Principal Mr. Hector Montes believes Mr. Eng enjoys his work and his training. We have a good relationship with our students, especially our students, he says. His lessons are interactive, and he discusses safety and customer service, as well as his shop is well-organized and clean, demonstrating the importance of having a creative environment for business and clients.

Mr. Eng is constantly producing new, innovative methods to teach Automotive-Diesel Technologies and has spent a great deal of time creating a professional workplace.

Eng viewed teaching as a backup career, but after years in the field, working with many former trade school students who claimed to know very little after graduating, he wanted to "make a change" and "give back to the community." Eng enrolled at Brookdale Community College to participate in their alternate route teaching program.

Eng attributes much of his time at SCVTHS to his colleagues throughout his alternate route experience and career.

In his eighth year at SCVTHS, Eng is focusing on being a yearbook adviser if he is to provide photographic work and advice to the school. Additionally, he always has a project with the automotive live-work program, which assists community members in fixing their vehicles.

It's great seeing the students' faces when the theory and the practical click, said Eng. It's wonderful seeing the students grow up over the three or four years into fine young people.

I am extremely honored and grateful to receive the Educator of the Year award, Eng said. I would like to thank those who helped me reach where I am today. I could not have accomplished anything without the staff at SCVTHS.

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