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A Saginaw teen was charged as adult in the death of a family dollar clerk

A Saginaw teen was charged as adult in the death of a family dollar clerk

SAGINAW, MI A Saginaw teen was charged as an adult with committing an armed robbery of a Family Dollar store and shooting the teen clerk.

James T. Johnson, 17, pleaded guilty to single counts of assault with intent to murder, armed robbery, unlawful imprisonment, and assaulting, along with five counts of firearm possession.

A felony firearm conviction comes with a mandatory sentence of two years in prison, which is usually served with a conquest.

Ayiteh Sowah, a defense attorney, pleaded not guilty to court on Johnson's behalf and for his investigation to be referred to the Office of Assigned Counsel.

This gentleman is 17 years old, and he understands the many charges that are being alleged against him, Sowah said.

Johnson is currently in 11th grade at Arthur Hill High School and has a relationship with his mother and grandmother, Sowah said. He suffers from seizures and ADHD, and receives medication, Sowah said.

Sowah said he feels he will need to keep his medication properly functioning. Hoffman recommended having a low-level bond, possibly with a GPS lock, so that he can continue with his medication treatment and at school.

Blair N. Stevenson, a deputy prosecutor for Saginaw County, has been asked to refuse granting a bond.

Stevenson believes that he is dangerous for others.

Police previously released this surveillance camera photograph of a person of interest in the Family Dollar robbery in Saginaw, where an 18-year-old clerk was wound to her face.

Hoffman said Johnson has a juvenile criminal record, but he did not elaborate. If Johnson posts it, he will not have any relationship with his alleged victim or do not have any weapons.

Johnson was charged with his adult life in connection with the prosecution of Judge John McColgan, citing the crimes' sex.

Ariana Flynn, an 18-year-old employee, was assisting her in the task shortly before 9 p.m. on December 31 at the Family Dollar store in the Hess Corner Plaza.

Prosecutors allege Johnson shot Ariana Flynn in her face, then demanded cash from another employee, and fled the scene.

Police have arrested Johnson after a thorough investigation by the Michigan State Police's Major Crimes Unit, which was aided by information provided by the community and through CrimeStoppers.

Johnson was later detained and re-arrested on Thursday, January 13, as prosecutors urged the Department of Justice to conduct more investigations.

In the aftermath of the crime, Family Dollar offered a $10,000 reward for information that helped solve the case, joining the $1,000 reward offered by CrimeStoppers.

McColgan said he's unlikely that the case would not have been solved without the assistance of the Saginaw community and Crime Stoppers.

Danielle Flynn confirmed that her daughter is no longer in the hospital and is recuperating at home.

Danielle Flynn said: Shes hanging in there on the phone from her home in Mishawaka, Indiana. She was really, really scared the other night when she heard (the suspect) was released. She called me freaking out, almost hyperventilating.

Shes strong, she continued, despite having cystic fibrosis and diabetes. Shes been through a lot in her life already. Shes stronger than I could be, honestly.

Ariana Flynn's medical bills raised $12,534 from 242 donors.

Danielle Flynn said she's going to be in conflict for a while, but she's trying to pass it as best she can.

A suspect was arrested and charged with a gruesome incident, according to the woman.

Danielle Flynn said she is glad he has been caught. I know she wants him to pay for what he did. I think she deserves justice. She didnt deserve this at all, nobody does.

I pray (Johnson) gets mental help while he is locked up, added Flynns grandmother, Sharon Brooks. Its really sad that a 17-year-old child has ruined his life and hurt many people in the process, none more than my granddaughter, Ariana Flynn. Im glad we are getting justice.

Johnson's case is expected to hold a pre-examination conference on January 24 and a preliminary examination at 3:45 p.m. on February 3.

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