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In Episode 3 of the TCA, Boba Fett Stars On Bounty Hunter's New Cyborg Friends

In Episode 3 of the TCA, Boba Fett Stars On Bounty Hunter's New Cyborg Friends

The Streets of Mos Espa: The Story of a Spoiler Alert contains information from episode 3.

In the wake of the reign of gangster Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine, Boba Fett isnt really a ruthless guy. Despite his aggressive exterior, ability to withstand any monster thrown against him, and a relentless fighting style, hes a big softie when it comes to patrolling his turf on Luke Skywalker.

Lortha Peel (Stephen Root), a water monger, is a former lead cyborg biker from Showtime's Yellowjackets. When Boba approaches the kids, they claim she's out of work, and Lortha is overcharging on water. In the end, Boba hires the gang to demonstrate their loyalty after being attacked by Black Krrsantan in his palace.

Boba Fett thespian said at Disney+'s Winter that the bounty hunter's new buds are another little thing about Boba where he's trying to sort things out. 'Oh, maybe we can get these guys on our side. If we cant beat these people, maybe we can get them to join you.'

Morrison refers to where such mercy and loyalty come from, referring to the Tuskens' influence and Boba's commitment to the sandpeople, who made them one of their own after capturing him and nursing him back to life.

Im not sure if theyre pleased with their pay, Morrison joked about Boba's new amigos.

The cyborg gang who have added droid parts has hailed George Lucas for his life. For me, if you know George Lucas, this is a homage to a lot of things hes always loved, whether it be the Mods in the 1960s, a film about kids on motorbikes and scooters, or a American Graffiti.

Fennec Shand, the actress who plays Fennec, is among those who make such little contributions, but he plays them in the same way.

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