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New Safe Travel Requirements have been announced by the Belize Tourism Board

New Safe Travel Requirements have been announced by the Belize Tourism Board

Belize Travel Health Insurance, a voluntary insurance program that helps travelers navigate the country without requiring COVID-19 during their stay.

The cost of the policy is $18 USD and it provides coverage for up to $50,000 USD in medical expenses related to COVID-19 for a period of 21 days. The insurance plan will come online under the country's public health laws and provide cover for lodging expenses due to quarantine up to $2,000 USD (max $300/day USD). Travelers will also be covered for emergency assistance services such as air evacuation and emergency expenses related to pre-existing conditions.

Below are some important articles that have been written.

  • It is recommended that travelers purchase the Belize Travel Health Insurance prior to their travel to Belize. However, purchases can be made upon arrival at the Philip Goldson International Airport or at Belize's land borders.
  • Visitors must purchase Belize Travel Health Insurance and are required to complete the Customs and Immigration form that is provided on all flights to Belize.
  • Exempted from this mandatory insurance are Belizean nationals, permanent residents and travelers with QRP or Long Stay status and flight crews.
  • All international tourists must book their stay in Belize at a property (approved hotel or accommodation) and present confirmation at immigration.
  • All travelers, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, entering Belize through the Philip Goldson International Airport from other countries, will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test.
  • If no test is presented, a COVID-19 test will be administered at the airport for a fee of USD $50 per passenger. Children under the age of 5 years will not be required to present a negative test.

Belize's commitment to health and safety has been boosted by the addition of several traveler protocols, including the Tourism Gold Standard Program and Travel Belize app. This provides travelers with the freedom to plan their vacation seamlessly with certified hotels and tour operators (an entry requirement).

Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is a statutory body within the Belize Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations, and it is governed by a board of directors appointed by the Minister of Tourism and Diaspora Relations. It is also a nonprofit organization that promotes Belize as a prime tourism destination for travelers and international travelers.

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