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Compromise on the CTC is required

Compromise on the CTC is required

WASHINGTON, January 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The expanded Child Tax Credit has expired. Today marks the first month that parents will miss a monthly payment from the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC), as unresolved negotiations over the policy threaten to reverse significant reductions in child poverty.

Countless CTC installments have been largely offset by the poverty line among the working class, assisting millions of parents or their working hours.

Despite the policy's expiration in December, Humanity Forward and other activists for the CTC have continued their work in Washington.

"Our efforts to increase the monthly Child Tax Credit are too important for families to throw in the towel now, when they need it the most,," said Liam deClive-Lowe, our executive director. "This is why Humanity Forward's work is consensus-driven and bipartisan. If there is no compromise or path forward for Build Back Better, we must be prepared to negotiate a Child Tax Credit extension for the Americans who are fighting tooth and nail to reach their goals.

The CTC bears a pedigree of bipartisanship thanks to over 25 years of improvement and iterations of support for American families, and is widely hailed as pro-family and policy among stakeholders of all stripes.

Politicians and policy leaders across the aisle have suggested ways to proceed, acknowledging that it's time to debate how to compromise. A proposal by Niskanen Center's Director of Poverty and Welfare Policy and Humanity Forward Policy Council member Samuel Hammond has garnered recent attention for addressing some of the disagreements between Democratic senators about the Build Back Better Act's CTC extension.

"We've heard from parents across the country who have spent the last month scrambling to figure out how they'll go hungry, according to Greg Nasif, the CTC's chief liaison.

Humanity Forward is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization based in America, which is based in collaboration with federal policymakers to advance economic interests of the American population. We believe that evidence-based actions will help families thrive, improve economic growth, and help the world save lives.

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