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The Maripa Gold Project in French Guiana has commenced the Drill Program in Orea

The Maripa Gold Project in French Guiana has commenced the Drill Program in Orea

Orea Mining Corp. ("Orea") (TSX: OREA) (FSE: 3CG) has announced the commencement of a diamond drilling project at the Maripa Gold Project, located in eastern French Guiana, France.

The State services on Maripa have approved ten thousand (10,000) meters of diamond drilling. Fourteen (14) drill holes, for 2,140 meters, are planned as an initial investigation by Orea of the promising Changement gold zone ("Changement"), with 1,000 meters of drilling to be completed this January and February. The initial program consisted of 5 drill hole fences at 200- to 250-meter north-south spacing, which will be tested on site for an anticipated start date of January 15th.

The Maripa and Changement maps are available at the following links.

Orea Project Locations:

Geology for Maripa Project:

Changement Planned Drill Hole Locations:

Changement in the Gold Zone

The Changement area was subject to placer gold mining from 1859 to 1950, with all creeks in the area being used as a tool to enhance the deposits' strength and growth.

A survey from Orea showed numerous abandoned mine shafts and adits discovered by illegal artisans in 2019. 115.70, 83.48, 68.43, 42.60, 29.57, 15.51, 14.70, 9.42, 6.05, 16.16, 14.50, 9.75, 9.30, 7.30, and 6.83 g/t gold, according to the findings.

Maripa is a bad topic for people who have a bad relationship.

Orea has agreed to acquire up to a 70% share in Maripa in July 2018. The project is comprised of five contiguous exploration permits covering an area of 120 square kilometers, namely the Changement, Maripa, Orapu, Crique Veoux (pending) and Maripa Sud-Est (pending).

Mineralization was limited to shallow depths within the oxidized saprolite layer, with all 5 potential for expansion and mineral resource delineation.

In the northern portion of Maripa, Orea was considering a merger of 5 new quartz-gold vein systems with high gold potential.

In October and November 2020, Orea completed 8 diamond drill holes for 1,168 meters, which tested 4 separate targets identified in the Maripa central region (see news release date January 27, 2021). Six (6) of the 8 drill holes served to test the depth and lateral extent of three gold mineralized shear-hosted vein systems traced at surface in and around the Filon Dron gold zone.

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About Orea Mining Corp.

Orea is a leading gold exploration and development business located in the Guiana Shield, South America. Its mission is to develop gold deposits with a reduced environmental footprint while simultaneously developing innovative technologies to promote responsible mining.

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