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The perfect Suicide Squad chaser is now available on HBO Max

The perfect Suicide Squad chaser is now available on HBO Max

Peacemaker, a glam-metal-loving killing machine, is unimaginably vulnerable.

When the initial amusement becomes less, you have to think about it.

Peacemaker is a new eight-episode series, with the first three instalments streaming now on and new episodes coming out every Thursday. It's based on DC Comics characters, but it'sn't like any other superhero show on TV. In fact, it's a spin-off from last year's scabrous and outrageous movie.

The coolest news ever from streaming to superheroes, memes, and video games is to take on your mind.

John Cena's role as Peacemaker has been described as a solitary and elusive character that he'll murder anyone who gets in his way. In The Suicide Squad, John was scooped out of prison to join a band of misfits who are fighting an alien threat on a remote island, but he was one of the highlights.

The film teased the series, which HBO Max developed even before the film was released. A bold move, but it's proved to be a solid choice: Gunn and Cena still have a lot of comic energy to give this character even on the smaller canvas of an episodic streaming series.

Peacemaker has never had an opportunity to do it without leaving behind his own family. We follow Christopher Smith back to his flag-painted trailer with stars and stripes and he's also devastated by Robert Patrick's snarling hair.

The hateable Peacemaker of the film becomes a distant memory the longer we spend with the obnoxious, but increasingly vulnerable guy under the shiny helmet, Chris. The film saw him surrounded by superpowered big guns, and he couldn't help compensating with posturing rivalry. But this time it's a bunch of cast-offs and backroom nerds, giving Peacemaker (both show and character) space to explore a superhero's doubts and fears.

Orange is the New Black's as a reluctant and infinitely sympathetic new recruit to the Blackops game, as well as as the exasperated Harcourt villain. Other highlights include off-kilter turns from and as the gang's oddball enemies, while Harry Potter and Bridgerton star steals the show as even more clueless costumed crusader Vigilante (imagine if the Punisher was actually Napoleon Dynamite).

Danielle Brooks, Chukwudi Iwuji, and Jennifer Holland give peace a chance.

The growing bond between the losers and their personal challenges as they seek to change is necessary for the entire show. Where the film was full of action and remarkable visual effects, the show is much smaller. The fights are mostly deliberate inelegant, with only the odd lunging camera or wincing slapstick violence to spice up the show.

The episode's most memorable subplot has evolved from being all about character development to a compelling storyline as the crew's actions lead to a new threat.

And those opening credits? After an episode or two in, the joke did feel a little thin. But then I found that after each episode I started the next just to see (and hear) the credits again -- and see where the sad sack squad was going next. Go on then, give peace a chance

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