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The iPhone has a hidden trackpad. Here's how to locate it

The iPhone has a hidden trackpad. Here's how to locate it

With a few simple steps, you can remove the hidden trackpad on an iPhone or iPad.

One more thing to do when it comes to unlocking the potential of your () or () requires a deep dive into all the features that 15 has to offer. Often these features are stashed away in your settings, making them difficult to find, but sometimes they're right there -- hidden in plain view -- like the secret trackpad feature in your keyboard.

When you're writing a long text message or a message, you use your finger to move the cursor into any area of text you want to delete, rewrite, or modify. A magnifying bubble appears underneath your fingertip whenever you do this, enlarging the text so it's easy to navigate.

If you find it difficult to move your cursor so precisely with your finger, iOS offers another option. In this guide, we'll show you how to move your cursor and make tweaks to your text on your iPhone or iPad.

The hidden trackpad in your keyboard should look like this.

How to Unlock Your iPhone and iPad's hidden trackpad

This is how to discover the hidden iOS trackpad.

1. Anywhere you've written a block of text, bring up your keyboard and press the button until the keyboard is blank. You should feel a bit of haptic feedback and see the cursor enlarge for a second, which means you can now use the keyboard as a trackpad.

2. Move your finger around the keyboard as you would on your Mac's trackpad.

If you want to move the cursor once more, press your finger down on the space key to bring up the hidden trackpad.

Check out the video below to see the hidden feature in action.

This iPhone hack makes editing text on your phone so much easier.

If you're interested in further tips and tricks for your iPhone, check them out and. And if you've got an computer, here are.

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