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Fortnite is back to Apple iOS, for some users

Fortnite is back to Apple iOS, for some users

Fortnite is back on Apple () as of Friday for a very few users thanks to Nvidia's GeForce Now service, which opened up a closed beta to test the new streaming version.

Nvidia and Epic Games, the studio behind the popular third-person shooter, will run the game through Apple's Safari web browser.

The new Fortnite beta application, which Nvidia and Epic Games are currently testing, is optimized for mobile devices.

Nvdia's streaming cloud gaming service, GeForce Now, provides unlimited access to a gaming library that is hosted on the company's servers.

On its platform, the service lays its support.

Lawsuits, exclusive deals, and competition are among the things that make up the law.

A lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple triggered a.

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In September, a district judge in the United States declared that Apple is breaching the law by stating that users must pay for apps and in-app purchases through the App Store, which requires a 30% commission on payments.

Epic and Nvidia have negotiated an exclusive agreement, allowing GeForce Now to compete in Microsoft () - which is competing on xCloud.

Epic has its own PC video game titles, with which xCloud might compete.

Nvdia and Epic have not stated how long the beta will last or when the game will be available to stream more widely for Apple as well as Android users, who already have access to the beta.

According to a new survey, Nvidia's GeForce Now service acts as a bridge for Epic's existing storefront. Consequently, Epic Games will not have to hand over a cent of any in-game purchases that players make on the new streamed version of Fortnite.

At the last check Friday, Nvidia stocks increased by more than 1%.

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