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Students in the United States are attending walkouts to protest in-person demonstrations as Omicron fuels rise

Students in the United States are attending walkouts to protest in-person demonstrations as Omicron fuels rise

BOSTON, January 14 (Reuters) - Students in Boston and Chicago planned walkouts on Friday to pressure officials to switch to remote learning, as a surge in COVID-19 instances fueled by the Omicron variant disrupted schools in the United States.

A senior in Boston high school insisted schools are a "COVID-19 breeding ground," and that it's necessary to seek a remote option on Friday.

The Boston Student Advisory Council, which recommended a citywide walkout on Friday morning, posted a series of requests on Twitter, including two weeks of remote learning and improved COVID-19 testing for teachers and students.

Ash O'Brien, a 10th-grade student at Boston Latin School who retired on Friday, said he didn't feel safe staying in school.

"I live with two grandparents who are immune-compromised," he said. "So I don't want to go to school, risk getting sick and return to them," he added.

A group called the Radical Youth Alliance has urged students to walk out on Friday afternoon and make their way to the central school district for a demonstration.

"We demand safety, and we demand care," the group told Twitter.

Students returned to Chicago schools on Wednesday following a week of canceled classes because of a dispute between teachers and the school district over COVID regulations. The teachers union has halted its walkout following a convene to strengthen safeguards.

Students at several New York City schools have had a walkout earlier this week, protesting what they call unsafe safety precautions. Mayor Eric Adams said on Thursday that his administration is considering a temporary remote learning option for the many students who are staying home.

According to Burbio, a website that track school disruptions has closed for at least one day this week due to the epidemic. It's easy to navigate the patchwork of COVID-19 policies.

According to Reuters, the number of new cases in the last week has risen by 8% in western states, up from 8% in the previous week.

The United States is still bringing out nearly 800,000 new infections a day, as well as a number of recorded cases of COVID-19.

Joe Biden, a senior vice president, announced that he would travel to six states next week for home tests next week.

The Biden administration's vaccination-or-testing mandate for large businesses was thrown down by the US Supreme Court on Thursday, bringing the decision to a standstill.

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