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Seattle Thunderbirds: A Preview, updates, and discussion, how to listen and watch the Portland Winterhawks

Seattle Thunderbirds: A Preview, updates, and discussion, how to listen and watch the Portland Winterhawks

What: In Western Hockey League action, the (17-11-3-1) takes on the (19-9-3-1).

When: Friday, January 14, 7pm

Where: Kent, Washington

Watch: TV on CW 32 in Portland, OR. You can stream the game via the internet.

Listen: and audio.


The Winterhawks beat the Kelowna Rockets 3-1 for the first time in a row; James Stefan scored 2 goals and an assist; and Taylor Gauthier made 38 saves for his Portland debut.

The Winterhawks have played 19 at home and 13 on the road for the remainder of the season, assuming they get all the games in, which is problematic.

2022-Jaydon Dureau (181 games)
1911-Robbie Fromm-Delorme (160)
18-Tyson Kozak (122)
71-Cross Hanas (167)
189-Aidan Litke (38)
13-James Stefan (87)
16-Gabe Klassen (81)
21-Jonah Bevington (27)
67-Dawson Pasternak (30)
92-Jack OBrien (93)
1717-Luke Schelter (34)
19-Kyle Chyzowski (52)
72-Marcus Nguyen (48)
1615-Nicholas Johnson (1)
28-Josh Zakreski (3)

Stefan isn't over a point a game, but he has a 5-game point streak of 5 goals and 3 assists, but it would be impossible to get him drafted, but there's still time to move up.

Hanas has returned from his protocol stint with a 3-point game, he has a 5-game point streak.

Kozak (31 points/32 games), Stefan (31/32), Hanas (30/29), Klassen (28/32), and Dureau (24/18) are the leading forwards.

2058-Clay Hanus (227)
1923-Kurtis Smythe (82)
186-Ryan McCleary (45)
178-Josh Mori (9)
26-Marek Alscher (28)
43-Ryder Thompson (39)
73-Luca Cagnoni (37)
1614-Rhett Ravndahl (0)

McCleary, who struggled a lot earlier in the season, has regained a lot of his lead that made him an NHL draft pick after the previous season.

Alscher was 177th in the Central Scouting ranking, putting him on the brink of getting drafted.

Hanus (28/32), Cagnoni (18/27), and McCleary (12/27) are the leading defensemen.

2035-Taylor Gauthier (167)
1931-Dante Giannuzzi (57)

The standard game would be Gauthier Friday and Sunday versus Kamloops, while Giannuzzi Saturday against Tri-City.

Giannuzzi.889 and Gauthier.927 save percentages

What we know about the Seattle Thunderbirds is that they have ten players listed as day to day due to Covid protocols. So the league, which in their news releases had been completely silent about Seattle's status, will be able to field a team, but who knows which players are ready to play and which aren't.

Lukas Svejkovsky, one of those who was involved in protocols, was acquired on December 27 from Medicine Hat, but hasn't yet played for Seattle. Tonight might be the night.

Seattle lost 2-0 to a Portland team after four nights, and they blamed fatigue as the team played in their third game in four days. If they lose tonight, they can blame rust.

Portland is only 3 points ahead of Portland for their third consecutive Western Conference position, so it's a big game.

2012-Henrik Rybinski (220)
21-Lukas Svejkovsky (185)
1929-Jared Davidson (164)
32-Matthew Rempe (83)
1815-Mekai Sanders (77)
18-Sam Popowich (58)
24-Reid Schaefer (55)
34-Conner Roulette (94)
47-Lucas Ciona (105)
177-Jordan Gustafson (52)
11-Gabe Ludwig (52)
26-Nico Myatovic (43)
169-Coster Dunn (2)
19-Sam Oremba (38)

Covid protocols: Gustafson, Dunn, Sanders, Svejkovsky, and Schaefer. Any of them might be ready to play since Seattle was cleared.

Gustafson was the 43rd and Schaefer was the 85th person to take part in the Central Scouting rankings.

Leading players: Davidson (33/31), Gustafson (31/28), Svejkovsky (30/24), Roulette (30/28), Rybinski (25/22).

2027-Ryan Gottfried (162)
196-Tyrel Bauer (179)
20-Samuel Knazko (6)
44-Chase Lacombe (62)
184-Jeremy Hanzel (53)
5-Leon Okonkwo Prada (18)
1714-Kevin Korchinski (54)
1623-Ethan Mittelsteadt (5)
43-Sawyer Mynio (18)

Covid: Korchinski, Mittelsteadt, and Lacombe, but it does not mean they will not be ready to play. Bauer (long-term) and Hanzel (day-to-day), two important pieces, are hurt.

Korchinski is the 20th person to reach the Central Scouting Ranking.

Korchinski (25/30), Hanzel (13/30), and Bauer (8/24) are the leading defensemen.

1835-Thomas Milic (35)
1737-Ronin Geraghty (6)
1633-Scott Ratzlaff (11)

Milic.911, Ratzlaff.892, Geraghty.765.

Goal difference+13+23
Goals allowed/game3.22.83.4
Power play20.3%19.0%21.4%
Penalty kill82.0%81.6%78.6%
Power plays for/game4.54.14.1
Power plays against/game4.24.54.1
Outshooting opponents20-1221-9-1
Score, last 10 games48-2237-26
Score, last 20 games83-5968-58

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