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At the Producers Guild Awards held in 2022, George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy will receive a huge honor

At the Producers Guild Awards held in 2022, George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy will receive a huge honor

The guild has announced that they will receive the 2022 Milestone Award at the 33rd annual Producers Guild Awards.

The directors of Lucasfilm will be recognized for their contribution to film, both individually and collaboratively.

Ted Sarandos was honored by the Milestone Award in 2020, and former recipients include Louis B. Mayer, Walt Disney, Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, Sherry Lansing, Bob Iger, Clint Eastwood, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Donna Langley.

The world's premier entertainment business, with George and Kathleen all having the highest levels of artistic and technical achievement, according to presidents. Were very proud to honor George and Kathleen as they celebrate Lucasfilms 50th anniversary.

Lucasfilm's 1977 film Star Wars surpassed all box office records and was awarded seven Academy Awards. In 1981, he wrote and executive-produced the series that has won seven Academy Awards.

"The PGA Milestone Award is a tribute to all that goes into bringing stories to life across a lifetime, combining business, and technology to make real things all from scratch. "This recognition makes us even more proud of our shared and individual work."

Kennedy is currently the president of Lucasfilm, which includes: Jurassic Park, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, The Back to the Future trilogy, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Empire of the Sun, Poltergeist, Schindler's List and Poltergeist.

She is also a producer of The Mandalorian, which features Indiana Jones, Willow, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Andor as a director of Lucasfilm in 1992. In 1981 she co-founded Amblin Entertainment with Marshall and Steven Spielberg.

I am very pleased to share this award with George Lucas who has inspired a generation of filmmakers who were coming of age, not only through his storytelling, but through technological innovation that unlocked our imagination, says Kennedy.

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