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The Egyptian Foreign Ministry Pointed To The Threat To Food Security In Africa

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry Pointed To The Threat To Food Security In Africa

Egypt called for urgent and urgent measures to maintain food security in Africa, which was threatened by measures taken to counter the spread of the new coronavirus. This was stated on Saturday by the foreign Ministry of the Republic.

"The continent is facing serious problems due to the interruption of trade and transport, disruption of global food supply chains," the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement." The social and economic consequences of the pandemic require international action to support the agricultural sector in Africa and provide food to the neediest populations."

According to the Foreign Ministry, the Egyptian mission to the UN in New York, in cooperation with the permanent missions of Canada, Italy, and Brazil, organized a high-level meeting on the issue of food security in Africa via video link. It was attended by representatives of the UN and three international organizations dealing with food issues.

"It is important to take effective and prompt measures to prevent an aggravation of the situation with the provision of food to the inhabitants of the African continent," the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said. In particular, we believe in Cairo, it is advisable to reduce the debt burden of African countries in the current conditions, which will allow us to direct the necessary funds to the agricultural sector of the continent and increase their ability to overcome the crisis.

At the moment, the total number of cases of the new coronavirus in Africa is approaching 20 thousand, more than 1 thousand people have died. Cases of infection were detected in 52 countries of the continent.

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