Tourney guide for Animal Crossing Fishing - Prizes, advice, and more

Tourney guide for Animal Crossing Fishing - Prizes, advice, and more ...

This Saturday, Animal Crossing's first Fishing Tourney event in 2022 will take place.

Here's everything you need to know about Animal Crossing: New Horizons' first event of the new year. Fishing Tourney returns today, Jan. 8, giving you another chance to earn trophies and other exclusive prizes.

When will the fishing tourney begin?

The Fishing Tourney takes place on Saturday, Jan. 8 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. your time.

How does the event work?

While the Fishing Tourney has been a staple of the Animal Crossing series since its initial installment, it acts a bit different in New Horizons than in previous games. You'll have three minutes to reel in as many fish as possible after paying a large entry fee of 500 bells.

After the time has elapsed, return to C.J. and he'll tally up the number of points you earned based on how many fish you spawned and receive one point for each fish you reel in, with additional points granted if you're able to land three or more fish before time runs out.

The points you earned can be redeemed for exclusive fish-themed items from C.J., such as a tackle bag and a fish umbrella. You'll also receive a special trophy if you hit certain points milestones. The tourney will repeat as many times as you'd want until the event ends at 6 p.m.

What are the prizes?

C.J. will present you a special fish-themed item for every 10 points you earn, which can't be obtained outside of the Fishing Tourney. There's a variety of prizes that can't be purchased outside of the Fishing Tourney. You'll receive one before C.J. starts distributing you duplicates.

  • Anchor statue
  • Fish door plate
  • Fish-drying rack
  • Fish pochette
  • Fish-print tee
  • Fishing rod stand
  • Fish rug
  • Fish umbrella
  • Fish wand
  • Fresh cooler
  • Marine pop wall
  • Tackle bag

The trophies that you'll get are how many points you'll be needed to earn in total for them, as previously stated, are included:

  • Bronze Fish Trophy (mailed to your house after amassing 100 points)
  • Silver Fish Trophy (mailed to your house after amassing 200 points)
  • Gold Fish Trophy (mailed to your house after amassing 300 points)

Tourney on Fishing

While you can participate in the Fishing Tourney alone, you'll be much better if you work with a friend for the event, which will add together the number of fish each player captures at the end of the round, making it easier to draw points and earn prizes.

It's also a great idea to prepare for the Fishing Tourney by crafting lots of bait before the event, where you can camp out and fish in one place rather than having to run around your island searching for fish spawns. C.J. will also purchase any fish you catch for the same increased rate he usually pays when he visits your island, thus making it possible to rake in extra bells.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' massive 2.0 update came back in November and added a hefty addition to the game, including cooking, as well as a paid DLC expansion called, which is free to access for subscribers.

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